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Executive Director

Position:            Executive Director

Status:               Full-Time (40+ hours per week)

Reports To:       Board of Directors



The mission of the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center is to grow our students into Christ-like, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens through after-school programs focusing on Biblical knowledge, mentorship and academic support.






The Executive Director is responsible for the successful execution of the HICLC mission by working with the Board of Directors to develop and carry out the vision and strategy, establishing and strengthening community relationships and leading the HICLC staff in building and maintaining efficient and effective operations.


Position Requirements& Qualifications

  • Committed follower of Jesus with demonstrated Christ-like character
  • Experience working with underserved children in an inner-city environment
  • Background in non-profit work, ministry or education
  • Passion for the mission and commitment to the core values of the HICLC
    • God-centered and God-led
    • Committed to impacting children
    • Excellence in everything
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking
  • At least 5 years of management and/or enterprise leadership experience
  • Experience in fundraising for a nonprofit organization
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Solid computer skills (Microsoft Office, e-mail, G-suite, web-based applications)
  • Spanish language skills a plus
  • Background check required



Duties and Responsibilities

This role will be responsible for overall executive leadership of the Huntsville Inner City Learning City with a specific and immediate focus in the following 3 areas:

  • Vision
    • Model a Christ-centered, principled and prayerful approach
    • Develop and effectively communicate a vision for the HICLC
    • Work closely with the Board of Directors to develop a long-term strategy
    • Translate organizational vision and strategy into daily guidance and direction for the staff and volunteer base
  • Community Relations
    • Establish and nurture relationships with community organizations (including schools, churches, businesses, clubs, foundations, etc.) and individuals to leverage opportunities and resources for the HICLC
    • Grow and diversify the HICLC volunteer base
    • Grow the HICLC donation base and income through traditional fundraising activities and events
    • Expand awareness of the HICLC organization and mission throughout the community through frequent speaking engagements and other events
  • Operations and Leadership
    • Lead the HICLC staff in efficient and effective daily operations
    • Optimize the use of limited resources to maximize impact
    • Establish and document policies, procedures and processes
    • Encourage and provide continuing training for HICLC staff
    • Support general Human Resources and personnel management best practices and policies

Additional Responsibilities and Expectations Include:

  • Comfortable working and communicating effectively with HICLC’s Board of Directors and supporting committees
  • Lead the Fundraising Committee (and potentially other Board Committees) made up of Board Members, staff, and volunteers
  • Manage the organization to stay within the approved annual budget
  • Responsible for managing and continuously improving the HICLC core programs
  • Work with the Board and staff to ensure HICLC’s mission is fulfilled through programs, planning, and community outreach
  • Manage overall Marketing & Communication efforts for HICLC (brand, social media, newsletters, etc.)
  • Always provide a Christian example consistent with the values and culture of HICLC for staff, volunteers, donors, and the community
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