How to ask for money - Part 2

When:  Sep 6, 2019 from 03:00 PM to 06:30 PM (PT)

“Avoid the kerplunk”

ker·plunk. (used to suggest) the sound of something heavy falling or dropping with a thud.

“How to ask for money without throwing up” was our last session together so we’ll test that premise by reviewing best practice on how to ask and go deeper to the why we make the ask.  As we’re in pub, this is the perfect opportunity to share stories and learn from each other.  We’ll first review techniques for asking for a meeting by phone, then progress to that often-stomach-churning face-to-face scenario, on your own or with those unpredictable volunteers.  This pre-mingler session is a perfect opportunity for candid conversation about what techniques you use, and kerplunk moments that are best shared over a beer or vino.  


Penny Farthing Pub
2228 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria, BC V8R 1G5
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Monica Powell