Mentoring for Members

Many of us have had the enriching experience of working with bosses, board members or colleagues who became mentors. Others wish we had found mentors to support us in both the difficult and exciting times of our careers.

AFP Brandywine has a long history of mentoring its members and in the last five years over 25 of our members have been mentored.  It is a benefit of your membership  and you can request a mentor to help you navigate the challenges in your development work or for taking the next steps in your career. Click here for more information about the mentoring program

To request a mentor – complete the Mentee application and email it to Stephanie CoryIf you would like to BE a mentor – please complete the Mentor application, email it, and we will keep it on file to be ready to pair you with the appropriate mentee as requests come in.

Either way – support one another in this  profession is among the most rewarding experiences we can do for one another.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Cory.