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Hola. Mi nombre is Jen, a proud Afro-Dominicana and a seasoned Fundraising Consultant and Administrator who collaborates with nonprofit organizations to enhance their efficiency and impact. She believes integrating social justice, equity, and universal truths into her work fuels transformative change.
With a dynamic career spanning over two decades, Jen has honed her expertise across sectors that amplify her impact as a grant writer and fundraiser. Her journey includes significant roles at notable businesses where she has excelled in writing, operations, project management, and systematization. A leader in synthesizing data and streamlining processes, she takes pride in her ability to uncover and articulate the intrinsic value within every initiative she touches.
With a B.S. in Education, Jen's life is a testament to the irreverent teacher that is life. Jen's work is driven by a passion for service and a commitment to bringing stories and data to life through a human-centered approach. Her dedication to research and writing reveals the depth, authenticity, and excellence in projects, businesses, and organizations, allowing their true purpose to shine through. She aims to empower these entities to focus on their core mission, fostering their capacity to make a substantial difference in the world.
Jen is most happiest when swimming and communing with nature. She is a bit obsessive about Badminton but has learned to exercise some control over the years :)