Chief Executive Officer


 ANTHESIS: noun | an·the·sis \an-ˈthē-səs\ : a flower at its most productive and beautiful stage.


The mission of Anthesis is to support independent and inclusive lives for adults with disabilities through employment and community integration.

Position Overview


Anthesis has retained Sterling Search, Inc. to conduct a search for its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Anthesis is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing job training, vocational training, and adult and senior day services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Established in 1966, Anthesis has evolved into a multifaceted organization with five major programs of service as well as a social enterprise thrift store. More than 300 individuals who have disabilities are supported each year through the exceptional dedication of its staff and the outstanding leadership of the Board of Directors.

Anthesis works to make sure every person enrolled in their Job Readiness, Work Training, and Skills Development program acquires the skills they need to do the work they love. Central to its process is their Person-Centered-Thinking  that meets each individual where they are. Once an individual feels “job-ready” and has begun working, Anthesis ensures they succeed in their new workplace by providing job coaches in the workplace to provide on-site employment support.  Job coaches help manage work quality and troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the workplace. These coaches take part in all of the employee’s on-the-job training, so they fully understand the work expectations. They develop a routine to help the individuals successfully perform the job duties assigned. As a result, job coaches become a trusted resource for participants, on and off the job, to ensure the greatest success for all participants.

Anthesis also offers high-quality day programs for those individuals who do not wish to, or who are unable to work in the community. The day programs offer a low staff-to-participant ratio, providing a safe and engaging space to learn, socialize and interact with the broader community. Anthesis has two distinct day programs: the Adult Development Center and Round About Senior Services.  Daily activities for both programs include a wide variety of community access and inclusion outings. Outings are a mix of educational and “just for fun” activities and are chosen to maximize joy while encouraging community engagement. Anthesis also has a fleet of vans, including wheelchair adapted vans, to transport individuals throughout the community.

Since 1999, Anthesis’ thrift store has been a vital part of its program and community. This second-hand store helps raise money that is used to support programs. It also provides a safe and nurturing environment for employment while also providing opportunities to engage with the community. As employees of the store, individuals develop valuable social skills while also practicing new job skills.

The Opportunity:

The Executive Director has given notice of his retirement and, as with any leadership departure, his retirement provides the Board of Directors with an opportunity to re-assess the strategic direction of the organization going forward. Although Anthesis has created impactful services, a great brand in the community and a staff who are devoted to their clients, there is still more that can be done in the areas of strategic planning, organizational development, staff development, expanded services, and revenue /expansion diversification and is why the position title is now CEO.

Anthesis’ recent strategic decision to close its sheltered workshop program and evolve more community-based programming resulted in the sale of the workshop facility and a net profit of over $1 million. This sale, in combination with additional Covid funding, provides a unique opportunity and the financial flexibility to strategically plan for its next stage of growth. With a current budget of $5M and a dedicated board of directors, who have a vision of expanding Anthesis’ impact and reach, the organization is excited to hire a CEO who has great passion for Anthesis’ mission and will bring a new style of leadership and collaborative visioning to the organization.

The new CEO will be an innovative and accomplished visionary leader who will inspire staff, board members, donors, and volunteers. She/he will be charged with building on Anthesis’ successful track record by further developing the organization’s vision and achieving its goals for continued financial stability and community engagement while enhancing the impact of its services. This is an amazing opportunity for an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a demonstrated track record of transformative change management and revenue diversification and growth.  

The new CEO must possess intellectual horsepower and be naturally persuasive and fair, and value accountability for themselves and others. She/he will lead based on the ethics of collaboration and the drive for excellence, ensuring that the best services are being delivered to the constituents Anthesis serves.  

This is an amazing and rare opportunity to work with a non-profit organization that has exceptional and unparalleled services, strong financials, and a board of directors and staff who are excited for the next stage of growth.  They will join a very committed, passionate, and seasoned team of senior managers who stand ready to support the new CEO in creating a strategic vision and roadmap for the future of the organization.

Statement of Purpose

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the CEO directs the planning, development, implementation, and administration of its services and ensures organizational compliance with local, County, State and Federal laws as it relates to funders’ contracts as well as personnel and employment related laws and regulations. Responsible for the development, implementation and results of services affecting the safety of its clients, and has the responsibility to oversee, support and coordinate projects of committees and sub-committees.

The CEO acts as Anthesis’ fiduciary leader, translates its mission & vision into a strategic plan developed with the Board’s direction, keeps the organization financially and operationally strong, manages day-to-day operations and provides best-in-class programs ensuring that the organization evolves to address the changing needs of individuals with diverse abilities in the community.

The CEO serves as Anthesis’ overall spokesperson, representative and agent of change, and cultivates strong working relationships with funding agencies, elected officials, community leaders, service partners/stakeholders, donors, and others. 

Overall, the CEO builds, fosters, and maintains a balanced organizational culture that combines the richness and relevance of services with the efficacy of best business practices, fiscal accountability, and institutional impact. 

Primary function:


  • Works closely with the Board of Directors, establishing a shared vision for the future of the organization and develops appropriate goals and strategies to advance the mission and growth of Anthesis.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of short- and long-range asset and fiscal strategic planning initiatives to ensure that current and future services and fiscal goals/needs are clearly identified and addressed.
  • Leads a collaborative process with the Board of Directors and its committees, executing decisions effectively and ensuring that the Board of Directors and its committees are informed of critical developments in a timely and effective manner.
  • Inspires through best practices, goals, and rewards systems, that all decisions are based upon a “mission first” values system.
  • Guides the increased awareness and impact of the organization, clearly articulating its mission, vision, programs, and strategic direction.
  • Models respectful, collaborative, and empowering interactions with individuals with developmental disabilities serviced by the organization.


External Affairs/ Public Relations/ Funding:

  • Represents the organization’s interests at the local and city levels for the constituents it serves.
  • Serves as chief fundraiser sustaining current funding levels and, also actively expanding networks from which new funding can be cultivated across a diverse mix of corporate, foundation, individual, public-sector funders etc.
  • Engages with the disability community and advocacy groups to assess community needs, evaluating partnership opportunities to promote programs uniquely suited to the mission.
  • Builds and stewards successful relationships with the Regional Center and other funding agencies.


Program Management:

  • Leads, develops, and mentors the Program Directors in the achievement of program deliverables & outcomes as well as each program’s fiscal outcomes.
  • Oversees the Program Directors to develop each program’s annual budget for submission and approval.
  • Oversees a balance of the needs of the organization’s programs within the realities of available fiscal resources.
  • Identifies gaps in programs and staffing and directs available resources to address these.
  • Develops processes and continuous quality improvement systems with the Program Directors to monitor the organization’s service outcomes and adjust as necessary.


Human Resources:

  • Oversees human resources and ensures the organization is compliant with all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.
  • Manages and implements an effective performance management system for all employees which will include setting objectives and evaluation on an annual basis.
  • Oversees supervision and management of departments, and appointed employees ensuring that staff competencies are scaled to the needs of the organization and its clients.
  • Develops staff recognition programs and engenders a collaborative environment which encourages staff opportunities for growth within the organization.
  • Defines and executes the strategy of effectively mobilizing volunteers in support of the organization.


Financial and Risk Management:

  • Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for the Board of Director’s financial management, allocation, and expenditure controls for the operations of the organization.
  • Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of objectives, policies/procedures, and operations for all assigned fiscal service areas to ensure maximum revenue reimbursement and funder compliance.
  • Directs the management of information technology functions including systems applications, and development, database administration and financial systems.
  • Provides for proper compliance and risk management, ensuring strict contract compliance with funder requirements.


Administration and Operations:

  • With the Board Chair coordinates the efforts and initiatives of: Client’s Board Committees and Task Forces, Board meeting agendas, Board retreats; recruits diverse, talented, and experienced new Board members; encourages and plans Board members’ involvement in a range of the organization’s activities including in development of the strategic plan, fundraising, financial oversight, services review, etc.
  • Develops and recommends policies and procedures as requested by the Board of Directors, implements approved Board policies, programs goals, and objectives, and works collaboratively to enable the Board, its committees, and individual board members fulfill their governance functions.
  • Directs day to day operations and oversees the administration, coordination, and implementation of organizational policies, procedures, strategic planning, and services.
  • Regularly provides concise reports to the Board on the state of the organization (key compliance issues, program delivery and outcomes, revenue and expenses, and related administrative matters toward the development and execution of the organization’s mission, policy, and procedures).
  • Oversees facilities management and safety.
  • Executes all other reasonable duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required from an accredited college or university; Master’s degree preferred.
  • A minimum of 7 years of experience in a senior level of nonprofit administration (with knowledge and experience in the human services field) including outreach, planning, budgeting, fundraising, and fiscal management.
  • A passion for empowering people with diverse abilities built upon a strong personal or professional connection.
  • Proven track record of management success with comparable P&L, planning, and operations responsibilities; excellent knowledge of fiscal management, budgeting, and cash flow management.
  • Experience leading an organization through significant change and growth.
  • A demonstrated ability to plan and operate strategically, to build public support, to strengthen infrastructure, to inspire staff and board, and to develop effective services.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skill set and demonstrated ability to work effectively with and gain the respect/support of varied and changing constituencies, including clients and their families, staff, board members, potential donors, volunteers, business/community leaders and others.
  • Proven track record of diversifying and growing funding streams.
  • Lead as a team builder with a track record of effective staff management, including hiring, rewarding, and retaining talented managers and administrative staff members.
  • Ability to effectively manage many responsibilities at once and to operate both independently and with the flexibility to be part of a team.
  • Computer literate: Knowledge of Word and Excel and ability to learn new software.


A competitive compensation package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.

Salary Range is $135K to $150K

Please send resumes to:

Sterling Search, Inc.


For a confidential conversation contact

Nicole Seipel at or Call/text 310 948 2535


Direct all correspondence, e-mail, and telephone calls to Sterling Search, Inc.

Any resumes sent or telephone calls made to Anthesis will be redirected to

Sterling Search, Inc.


Anthesis is an Equal Opportunity Employer