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November 2019

Indigenomics and the Indigenous Accord
Derek Yarnell, AFP Member and IDEA & Ethics Chair


This past week in my journey to educate myself on topics of inclusion, diversity equity and access I attended two interesting sessions along with AFP Manitoba's president Sana Mahboob. 

The first was to hear from Carol Anne Hilton (pictured above), the founder of the Indigenomics Institute, for a keynote presentation courtesy of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. The second was the 4th annual All Partners Gathering for the City of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord to which AFP Manitoba has recently signed. More on that event in an upcoming post...

According to Ms. Hilton of the Indigenomics Institute, the annual economic value of the Indigenous economy was estimated at $32 billion in 2016. Ms. Hilton is ambitious and set a goal and challenge to the broader community to more than triple that to $100 billion by 2024.

I thank the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for bringing her in. Her presentation was interesting and shining a light on the successes Indigenous people are having is an important step towards reconciliation. Towards changing perceptions. Her message challenges stereotypes many people still hold and Ms. Hilton embodies the success of which she speaks. It is important for people to see examples of successful Indigenous people to balance the images they may see of Indigenous people in our city who are still suffering from the impacts of colonialism and residential schools. 

What can you do to continue your own education you ask?

Go tonight to the free world premiere screening of Freedom Road at the WAG.