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2020 Manitoba Philanthropy Award Recipients

Michael Nesbitt - Outstanding Philanthropist

Quietly and (mostly) without fanfare, Michael Nesbitt is one of Winnipeg’s most loved and respected philanthropists.

Nesbitt is a philanthropist with a vision: bring our community the best the world has to offer. And he devotes his time and resources to make it happen. His investments in Winnipeg’s art scene have offered a feast for the ears and eyes. From Philip Glass to Sarah Snider, Michael Daugherty to Ai Wei Wei, Fred Sandback to Anish Kapoor, Michael Nesbitt believes that Manitobans deserve to be exposed to the top composers, artists and architects of our time.

By investing in countless organizations, from the University of Manitoba, to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, the Graffiti Gallery, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Manitoba Opera, to name just a few, Nesbitt has shaped Manitoba’s creative landscape. That is why he is Manitoba’s 2020 Outstanding Philanthropist.

Michael Nesbitt was nominated for the Outstanding Philanthropist Award by the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.