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2020 Manitoba Philanthropy Award Recipients

Abigail Stewart - Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

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Abigail Stewart was just six-years-old when she started her career as a fundraiser. Since then, the driven and determined young cancer survivor has raised an astonishing $75,000 to help kids like her get better.

Stewart got her first taste for philanthropy as a participant in the Relay for Life. She takes part in the event nearly every year. In 2017, at age 10, Stewart had the sweet idea to host a bake sale in support of the Children’s Hospital and Cancer Care. Since then, the annual event has grown exponentially from a small table in her front yard to a community carnival at her local church. Stewart is an unstoppable force for good in Manitoba and that is why she is Manitoba’s 2020 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy.

Abigail Stewart was nominated for the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award by the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.