190405 - Demystifying New Donor Retention

Demystifying New Donor Retention

AFP Nova Scotia invites you to our new Professional Development Session:

"De-Mystifying New Donor Retention"
With Doralin Fredericks, CFRE, and Amanda Hatt
QEII Foundation 

AFP Member Price:   $25
Non-member Price:   $35

NEW!  Friday, April 5, 2019

QEII Foundation
5657 Spring Garden Rd
Parl Lane Mall Suite 3005
Halifax, NS 

11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m
Light Lunch Provided (Please specify dietary restrictions)

Are you listening? Take a moment to remember a time when you decided to give a donation of any size to a cause that you were inspired by. How did you feel in that moment? Did you feel like you were making a difference? Did you know you were making a powerful statement to the organization? Did you hear back? How long did you continue to feel good about your gift? Were they listening?

It is easier than one would hope to turn a new donor into a lapsed donor. One-size-fits-all is simply not a strategy that works in today’s realities. But your strategy doesn’t need to be so complicated that it takes more time, more resources and more effort than you have to give. Join us as we help to demystify new donor retention, exploring scalable strategies to stop the drain in your pipeline.

Key Themes: What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding retention basics, best practices and the importance of life-time value
  • How to apply scalability when building your new donor retention program
  • How taking small steps now will help you build your personalized donor journey:
    • We’ll explore strategies for recognizing, celebrating and engaging new donors
    • We’ll offer tips to help you renew first-time donors, for the long-term
    • We’ll share easy methods for measuring and evaluating your progress
    • And we’ll explore ways that you can help position your program to build buy-in and support for further investment
    • Bonus takeaway: Our go-to resources for inspiration and guidance, examples from other institutions, presentation slides and more!

To find the QEII Foundation office:

-Front doors: Come through the front doors at Park Lane, take the escalator and they will be at the top on the right.

-Side door: If you take the side door (Dresden Row), you come in on the third floor and will walk down the hall and continue until you find them on the left just before the escalator at the front.

_AmandaHatt.jpgAmanda Hatt, Director, Annual Programs

Amanda Hatt leads the Annual Programs portfolio at the QEII Foundation, supporting a dynamic and talented development team across annual, community, mid-level and special event giving programs. Amanda brings a fresh perspective to fundraising strategy with her extensive experience in strategic marketing and communications, business and economic development, and volunteer board leadership roles. One of her proudest career affiliations was her role with the 2011 Halifax Canada Games.

Doralin Fredericks, CFRE, Director, Stewardship

With over 40 years in the business world and almost 30 years’ experience in most of the major areas of fundraising, Doralin Fredericks’ focus for the past 12 years has been the importance of stewardship, developing a stewardship portfolio at the QEII Foundation and sharing expertise at conferences both nationally and internationally. She was a member of the first committee to deliver a Leave-A-Legacy program in Canada and has served on national boards of fund raising associations.  Doralin believes the foundation of superb stewardship is effective communication and begins the moment a donor has entrusted a gift, or the intention of a gift, to your organization.