Gifts From the Heart

We all have that beautiful story of a donor who made a gift that was filled with kindness, or volunteers who went the extra mile to make your organization's special project come to life: the young child who gave their allowance money to help a neighbor; the teenage boys who built a memory garden; a man who honors the memory of his wife by starting a scholarship; or the employees who came together and renovated a clothing closet.

Gifts from the Heart is an AFP WNY exclusive, celebrating the donors and volunteers who make our visions come to life. 

Our deepest thanks to our partners at WBBZ-TV for working with us to launch this exciting project in late 2017, and to Ginger Geoffery and Kate Glaser for your production assistance. 

Learn more about the work highlighted in the show by visiting our member organizations Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation and Roycroft Campus.