Take a Look in the Mirror

When:  Sep 17, 2020 from 8:45 AM to 10:45 PM (CT)
Emotional Intelligence for Success Professionally & Personally:

Grow your strengths from the inside out with a greater understanding of "EI" or "EQ" - both common terms for emotional intelligence. Through having a better understanding of yourself, a higher level of control in key areas you lack, and the priceless knowledge of hearing what other people don't have the emotional intelligence level to communicate, you'll be able to up-level your relationships in every area of life.

Speaker: Dr. Jane Mims, PCC
Dr. Jane Mims, PCC is an Executive Success Coach, Emotional Intelligence Mentor, Emmy-award-winning journalist, author, entrepreneur, wife, mom, and goofball. She is founder and CEO of GILD Coaching, founder and co-owner of "Woo-Woo Chicks," and an award-winning Enagic Kangen water distributor. Through her company, she is known as "Dr. Jane."
Jane has an extensive history of management at all levels and not-for-profit fundraising. She and her husband, a world-renowned not-for-profit accounting expert consult around the globe for nonprofits from the beginning stages through long-term strategic planning and "resurrection and restoration" campaigns.
Dr. Jane loves, holistic health, learning & expanding her knowledge in spirituality, travel, and binging on videogames with her kids. She, her husband, their five kids & furry family live in Memphis, TN. She spent most of her formative years in Little Rock and still loves to call the Hogs.


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