Book Drive

Are you looking for unique gift ideas?
Something that brings joy, and does good?

How would you like to donate a book to our NB Public Library System in your loved one's name?

AFP New Brunswick Chapter has teamed up with our library system to increase the quantity (and quality) of fundraising and philanthropy-related books in the collection.

As you know all too well, nonprofits often operate with small budgets. Purchasing multiple fundraising textbooks can be a burden, particularly for individuals without access to professional development funding. 

Will you help us help our fellow fundraisers? 

What's in it for you?
Our deep gratitude plus...
- NB Public Library System will add a bookplate acknowledging you inside the front cover.
- NB Public Library System will issue a tax receipt in applicable situations. 
- AFPNB will publicly acknowledge your gift on social media, in our newsletters to members and friends, on our website, and in traditional media.

Got questions or need more information?
Don't hesitate to get in touch with Christine Gilliland, AFPNB Chapter Director

We've created a wishlist of some key fundraising books on

Important note!

If you've decided to generously donate a book from our wishlist, thank you!

Also, please be sure to choose the AFP NB Chapter address as the recipient. Here's how...

1) Go through the list and click “Add to Cart” on any books you would like to donate. 

2) Then go to the Checkout when you’ve added your item(s).  

4) When checking out, be your order is being sent to AFP NB Chapter c/o Christine Gilliland - ‬This should be an option that you can click under the “Shipping Address” section. Continue with the Checkout process until the order is complete.  

5) Please also add a note with your name and address so that we can properly thank you for your generous gift!