Organizational Benefits of AFP

How does your organization benefit from AFP?

At the most basic level, we raise the professional standard of expectations for fundraising professionals.

When nonprofit organizations send their employees to the AFP San Antonio and South Texas programs, they are investing in professional development for their fundraising employees. This professional development raises the bar for those who have chosen a career in fundraising and donor cultivation.

We know we all need to raise money to fund the programs that make San Antonio and South Texas a better place for the nonprofit community’s programs supporting societal needs.

There are many ways to fundraise for those programs. At AFP San Antonio and South Texas, we teach fundraising. Professional fundraising. We help those in the career of raising funds learn their craft with a strong sense of ethics while learning industry best practices.

Our members each agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, Donor’s Bill of Rights, and our Code of Ethics. They also receive a constant stream of current information and data affecting fundraising.

Your organization can support professionalism in fundraising by sending your employees to our monthly programs, conferences, and networking events and by paying for or encouraging membership in AFP for all your employees engaged in fundraising.

Professionalism in fundraising helps build more loyal donors, who are more engaged, and who give more to the organizations they support.