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Chamberlain Scholarship

AFP California Valley Chapter is proud to offer the Chamberlain Scholarship Program.

This program provides funding to attend the annual AFP International Conference on Fundraising (ICON). ICON is a valuable conference designed to help individuals serving nonprofit organizations develop their knowledge and skills in fundraising.

The Chamberlain Scholarship award includes:

 -  Recipient’s ICON registration fee (minus a $10 processing fee)

 - $1,000 in total reimbursement towards travel costs such as flights, meals, and lodging.

The 2020 AFP ICON is scheduled for March 29 – 31, 2020 in Baltimore, MD.

Scholarship Criteria

The following criteria are necessary to submit an application for the Chamberlain Scholarship program:

  • Candidate must be employed as a fundraising professional; if not, a substantial amount of candidate’s time must be devoted to fundraising.
  • Candidate has never attended an AFP or NSFRE International Conference on Fundraising as a registered participant and is committed to attend the full conference as scheduled.
  • Candidate must agree to complete an online evaluation form about their experience at ICON.
  • Only one individual from any local organization or institution may be selected.
  • Candidate must be willing to share their AFP ICON experience with their chapter after the conference has concluded. This can be accomplished through a report to chapter leadership during a regularly scheduled monthly program, online publication, or via an alternate contribution to be identified by chapter leadership.