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    Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the AFP family come together in this Open Forum to support each other, both professionally and emotionally, as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The knowledge and advice that we've seen provided has really ...

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    If they have a good software system now, why would it not support a capital campaign. They'll need to record pledge expectancies, volunteer assignments, and code people  in different divisions, but a good system should be able to do that. If they have ...

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    Hi! My previous employer paid for the CFRE review course (the organization required 40 hours of professional development annually) and the CFRE exam *and* re-certification. The CDO hired (while I was there) was a CFRE and AFP Board Member. Plus we added ...

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    RE: Definition of "Member" in foundation by-laws

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    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Our Foundation hasn't a set limit but were advised to keep the voting membership either to the number of board members or very close to that as we plan to build an endowment fund and you want ...

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    We now include a shortened version of our annual report (including donor list) in our early-year newsletter. I've seen some orgs do this and give a link to a full AR online; I've also seen some orgs simply provide a link to their AR online and not publish ...

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    Thank you, that's very helpful. ------------------------------ Beth Korczynski BS,MA Development Manager Tergar International Ann Arbor MI ------------------------------

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