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    As far as I know, directed donations are still tax-deductible. Say for example, your donor directed you to spend his donation on education supplies and you then purchased those supplies from a retailer. I don't think it would make a difference if he ...

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    When sending out most correspondence to donors, the letter comes from the Executive Director. However, in many cases, either I or another staff person has the relationship with the donor or potential donor. It is not always possible to write a note ...

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    The fees for campaign studies vary, that's true. We've done studies that cost 6-figures. However, for what you are describing, I think you should budget $35k on the low end (this would include fewer interviews, say 25; no focus group; and a light touch ...

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    We have just finished a feasibility study for a $15M comprehensive campaign and we worked with Kay Sprinkel Grace for some of the early work (with the board and staff) and then a local advertising firm, Spawn Ideas, for 1:1 interviews with major donors, ...

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    Hello, all. A donor wrote our organization a check to cover a client's rent this month. The check is made payable to the nonprofit and we will write a check to the landlord. However, the donor wrote the address of the rental property in the memo section ...

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    I agree with Marianne's comments. I would add that you should ask if the consultant plans to do just the feasibility study only or if they will be available for campaign counsel, if you need it.  We are encountering an increasing number of consultants ...

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