Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate in more than one category?
Yes.  Each nomination requires a separate application.

If I nominated a candidate last year who was not chosen, can I resubmit the same application?
Yes.  AFP recognizes the work that goes into an application.  A cover memo should accompany the application indicating it is a resubmission.  The memo does not count towards the page limit but cannot introduce new information.  The dates of the letters of support will not reflect negatively in the review process.  The nominating organization should contact the authors of the letters of support, confirm their continued support, and offer an opportunity to update the letters.  Nominations more than one year old must be submitted as a new application with current letters of support.

Can an individual or business win the same award more than once?  Can an individual win in different categories? 

Yes.  If an honoree has not received an NPD award (any award, not just the one you are submitting) in the past five years, they can be re-nominated.  For 2020, this means any individual/organization that has not won since 2015 can be nominated.

I don’t want to tell our nominee in case they don’t win.  Is this okay? 
No.  Not all donors/professionals seek this type of recognition.  The nominee has the right to decline being nominated.  All nominees must be notified of the nomination before you submit the application.

Does my nominee have to attend the event? 
Yes.  This is why it is important to confirm your nominee before submitting the application.  All winners are expected to attend the NPD Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 10, 2020.

I am a member of AFP and serve on the selection committee.  Can I nominate someone? 
No.  AFP members serving as members of the Selection Committee will not be allowed to submit applications, but all other NPD committee members, AFP board members, and AFP general members are eligible – and encouraged – to nominate.

What is the most important part of the application process? 
Be detailed and ensure your application is complete.  The Selection Committee will not know your nominee as well as you do.  Assume the Selection Committee knows nothing about your nominee and convince the Committee that he/she deserves the award.

Who should I get letters of support from?
Look to other organizations that have benefited from the generosity of the applicant or can speak to their ability.  Ask the organizations to support the award criteria with specific examples.

If my nomination is the only one in a category, is my nominee the automatic winner? 
No.  The Selection Committee may choose not to select anyone at all in any given category in any given year.

Can more than one person/organization win in a category? 
Possibly. The selection of more than one recipient in any given category is at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Will I get my application back? 
No.  All submissions become the property of AFP California Valley Chapter.  Please keep a copy for your records.

Who sees the applications? 
Only the Selection Committee sees the application.  The Selection Committee is comprised of past honorees, community/philanthropic leaders, and appointed AFP liaisons.  The cover sheet of the application is shared with appropriate committee members for contact information.  The selected applications are archived with the event materials.  The names of other nominees are not released.

Can I hand-deliver or mail my application? 
No. All applications must be emailed. PDF formatted files are preferred.

How will I know my application has been received? 
All applications will be confirmed via e-mail within a day or two of submission. 

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not answered in the application packet?
Please contact Sara Frauenheim at 559.450.3722 or email

Who can I contact about becoming more involved in AFP? 
Please contact chapter membership co-chairs Song Vang-Sung at and Tiffany Staman at to receive information.  You can also talk with an AFP Board Member about the volunteer opportunities available in our local chapter.  Note, all nominees for Outstanding Fundraising Professional must be members in good standing with AFP.

I have never submitted a NPD application before.  Is there someone I can talk to about how to respond to the criteria? 
Yes. Sara Frauenheim, Selection Committee Chair, can provide guidance and suggestions; she can be reached at 559.450.3722.  Assistance from the Nominations Committee does not affect how the application will be rated. The assistance is only constructive feedback, but does not guarantee that the nominee will be chosen. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the nomination is complete, that all criteria are responded to and that all supporting documents are included.

Thank you for your time and interest!