2022 NPD Honorees

Outstanding Individual Philanthropist
~ Lucie Mordecai ~

Lucie Mordecai founded Abbas International Healing Center Inc. in 2017. The center is based on mental health providing medicine, safety, clothes, food, and most importantly love and affection. Lucie started the Center because she saw the way people with disabilities and mental illness were treated in her home country of Congo. She has a passion for people, believing that no one should be left behind because they have a mental illness.

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser
Lois James ~

The goal of the Miracles in Motion Adaptive Riding Program is to teach a person with special needs how to ride a horse to the best of their ability. 

When Lois joined the Miracles Board in February 2017, she did not have any formal fundraising experience. However, the moment she volunteered to be the fundraiser, she set to work learning everything she could about fundraising. She quickly stepped in and showed her strong leadership skills and ability to work with diverse groups of people. Lois soon learned the phrase, “a lot of moving parts” certainly applied to not only the money side of the organization, but also to running a 76-acre farm and caring for 16 horses.

Outstanding Fundraising Professional
~ Michele Brock, CFRE ~

Michele has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Fundraising and is highly respected in our area. In her current professional role, she connects with Catholic Schools and parishes throughout 30 counties. Michele engages donors in investing in scholarships, Catholic Schools, parishes, and social services. This experience allows her to indirectly support those entities that focus on the marginalized, the immigrants, the poor and the lonely.

Her nominator said this, “In all she does, she is an advocate for the services that help all of our neighbors realize a better life for themselves, their families, and the wider community. I look up to Michele and have used her as a Mentor several times through the years. She is thoughtful, kind and willing to share her expertise and influence where it will help most. When I think of an Outstanding Fundraising Professional, I think of Michele Brock. As you will note from the included letters of support from her board members and colleagues, others agree.”

Outstanding Small Philanthropic Organization
~ Community Foundation of Johnson County ~

The Community Foundation of Johnson County supports more than 220 nonprofit organizations, family and business charitable giving funds, community endowment funds, and charitable giving circles benefitting all of Johnson County. By giving through the Community Foundation, you make a personal and conscious decision to uplift others. 

They are honored to be your partner in philanthropy, helping community members to be more, do more, and give more. They are your trusted giving resource, providing diligent stewardship that allows your generosity to have an impact for generations to come.

Outstanding Philanthropic Youth
~ Tommy Rhomberg ~

Tommy Rhomberg, the son of John and Amanda Rhomberg, is a 14 year old from Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 

Following the Derecho of 2020, Tommy Rhomberg decided to make a gift for his friend who was supposed to have a birthday party the weekend following the derecho. Tommy was thinking about how he could commemorate his friend’s unforgettable birthday. The storm itself provided some inspiration. “I wanted to make him some sort of gift,” Tommy said. “His favorite sport is baseball, and when I saw the super straight branch in my yard, I just thought I could carve the perfect baseball bat to give him.” After four days, ten hours of work, and a few blisters, he had the perfect gift. Emblazoned with its own logo, “The Great Derecho” bat was a work of art.

After a social media post went viral, many wanted one of Tommy’s homemade bats.  In the end, Tommy made nearly 500 bats by hand, raising more than $8,000 for derecho recovery. Even for those who couldn’t get their hands on a hand-made Tommy Rhomberg bat, the story provided some inspiration. Donors from around the world have made gifts to the Disaster Recovery Fund in Tommy’s honor, totaling more than $16,000.