Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the authorized individual signing the application for space to inform all company personnel of the rules and regulations contained in this document.

    1. Authorization. The Partner or Exhibitor Application/Contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the Partnering/exhibiting company. This signature will reflect that the authorized representative has read and agrees to the terms specified below as well as the exhibit prospectus and contract. AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right to dismiss any Exhibitor/Partner who does not adhere to the rules and regulations published here and in the Exhibitor Service Kit.
    2. Assignment of Exhibit Space. Assignment of space will be made on a first-come, first- served basis. This information will be published in the event program provided that the application, payment and description are received no later than May 4, 2023. If the description is not provided by the deadline date, only the name, address (as it appears on the contract), and booth number will be printed in the conference program. Partnerships or exhibit space will not be assigned or confirmed without receipt of full payment.
    3. Enforcement. AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right to interpret these regulations as it deems proper and/or necessary to ensure the success of the Exhibition and to further the educational purposes of the event. Your participation in or attendance at this event means you, the Exhibitor/Partner, agree to comply with all AFP Florida Caucus Rules and Regulations, which are in effect at the time Exhibitor/Partner Move-in begins.
    4. Presentation of Products or Services. The purpose of the exhibit program is to further the education of or assist individuals working in the profession of non-profit fundraising. All claims regarding products and services should be truthful and accurate. Unwarranted disparagements or unfair comparisons of a competitor’s product or services will not be allowed.
    5. Acceptance. AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or deny applications for exhibit space and to allocate space among Exhibitors/Partners. In the case of a denied application, all monies collected by AFP Florida Caucus will be refunded to the applicant.
    6. Exhibit Hall Hours for Exhibitor/Partners – subject to change
Exhibit Set-up Monday, June 12, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Exhibit hall open: 
Monday, June 12, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday, June 13, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, June 14, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  1. Inclusions. Each tabletop exhibit space includes:
    1. One 6x30 table and two chairs
    2. Collateral/specialty item in conference bag
    3. Conference attendee email list (opt-ins only)
    4. Exhibitor listing in program
    5. One full conference registration
    6. Optional upgrade to extend your footprint with additional signage in the breakout session area. See prospectus for details. 
  2. Exhibit footprint (displays, equipment,  signs, etc.) should not exceed 8 feet wide x 4 feet deep x 8 feet high. 



  1. Exhibits may not block or interfere with any fire alarm, sprinkler system, or security device. 
  2. Each tabletop exhibit space includes ONE conference registration. Additional registrations are $415 and may be purchased through the registration portal.
  3. The exhibit area will be located in the Grand Ballroom AB, adjacent to the general session in Grand Ballroom C.
  4. All paid Exhibitor/Partners will receive an exhibitor service kit with more information about ordering food and beverage, electrical, internet, shipping and more.
  5. Exhibits not set up by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2023, will be considered a no-show and AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right to re-sell the booth to another vendor and Exhibitor/Partner will forfeit any refund.




  1. AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right to impose limitations on noise levels and on any other method of operation that becomes objectionable.
  2. The use of any animal in an exhibit is not allowed, except service animals.
  3. Photography of any booth other than your own is strictly prohibited.
  4. Exhibitors/Partners agree to abide by the installation and dismantle times set by AFP Florida Caucus and to have at least one person staffing their booths during published exhibition hours. Exhibitor/Partners who vacate their booths prior to the published dismantle time without permission of the show may forfeit any booth selection for the following year and will not receive prior Exhibitor/Partner credit for booth selection at future shows.
  5. Location Relative to Other Exhibits - Exhibitors/Partners may use the Exhibit Application to designate their preference to be located near other companies or their wish to not be adjacent to or opposite designated other companies. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but cannot guarantee placement. 
  6. Distribution of Giveaways - Exhibitors/Partners will be permitted to distribute appropriate promotional materials and approved related items from their exhibit booth only. Exhibitors/Partners may not distribute materials outside their booth (or anywhere else in the host venue) without written permission of AFP Florida Caucus show manager. In keeping with the educational purpose of the exhibit program, giveaways must conform to acceptable, legal, and professional standards. AFP Florida Caucus reserves the right to deny distribution of materials they deem inappropriate.
  7. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the exhibit hall during setup or teardown.
  8. Cancellation of Exhibit Space. Cancellations must be received in writing by the organizers at planetphilanthropy@scurrystreet.com. If booth space is canceled on or before March 10, 2023, the organizer retains 50% of all funds received. Cancellations received after March 10, 2023, are not eligible for a refund. Partnerships canceled on or after January 1, 2023, are non-refundable. Funds are not transferable to future conference dates. All cancellations or reduction of space include the forfeiture of all exhibitor registrations originally allocated with the booth space.
  9. Subleasing of exhibit space is not permitted. Two or more companies may not share the same space.
  10. Use of space - All exhibits must fit within the confines of their assigned space so as not to impede traffic flow, infringe on the space of other Exhibitor/Partners, create any trip hazards, or violate the set forth by the fire marshal. No Exhibitor/Partner will be permitted to block aisles or otherwise impede proper flow of traffic throughout the entire show. All demonstrations must take place within the designated exhibit space.
  11. Indemnification. Partner/Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless AFP Florida Caucus, the Rosen Centre Hotel, and their employees and agents against all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges, or fines, and attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by Exhibitor/Partner’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy, or use of the exhibiting premises or a part thereof, excluding such liability caused by the sole negligence of the parties referred to above. In addition, Exhibitor/Partner acknowledges that AFP Florida Caucus, its agents, the Rosen Centre Hotel do not maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor/Partner’s property and that it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor/Partner to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by the Exhibitor/Partner.
  12. Force Majeure. It is mutually agreed that in the event AFP Florida Caucus Planet Philanthropy 2023, is cancelled due to acts of God, war, strikes, government regulation or advisory (including travel restrictions by the government or the World Health Organization), civil disturbance, terrorism, or threats of terrorism that are substantiated by US governmental warnings or advisory notices, curtailment of transportation, epidemics, disaster, fire, weather, shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts in Orlando, Florida, USA, or any other comparable conditions or circumstances occurring either in the location of the AFP Florida Caucus Planet Philanthropy states of origin of at least 30 percent of the attendees or along their routes of travel, making it commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible to hold AFP Florida Caucus Planet Philanthropy 2023, the Application and Contract for exhibit space will be terminated. In such an event, neither party shall be liable to the other for delay or failure to perform its obligations, except there shall be a prorated reduction of any fees payable or otherwise due. 
  13. Insurance. Exhibitor/Partner acknowledges that AFP Florida Caucus does not maintain and is not responsible for obtaining insurance covering Exhibitor/Partner’s property. Exhibitor/Partners are urged to take out their own insurance policy protecting them against loss through theft, fire, damage, etc.
  14. Fire Code Compliance. Federal, state, and city laws will be strictly observed. Fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire exit doors, route of egress, and any other fire safety device or facility must not be hidden, obstructed, or otherwise disturbed. Crates, packing materials, wooden boxes, or other highly combustible materials may not be stored in exhibit halls, meeting rooms, or fire-exit areas. Materials not in compliance with the regulations will be considered in violation and removed at Exhibitor/Partner’s expense. 
  15. Exhibitor/Partner assumes all responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless AFP Florida Caucus and its officers, employees, and agents. Please direct any questions to Nann Philips at planetphilanthropy@scurrystreet.com or (214) 915-2210.