July 17, 2018

Why You Should Attend The #2018AFPPI

kristina_face.jpgby Kristina Barroso Burrell
AFP Michiana Admin

There are so many good reasons to attend the first ever Philanthropic Institute on August 16, (the first of many, we hope!), but on our blog this week, we want to highlight a few of the top reasons.

1. Increase your knowledge base! Not only is our keynote speaker, Joan Garry, a top-tier philanthropy expert, our breakout sessions are all led by industry leaders in a variety of subjects. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about standard processes, best practices, and new ideas in a range of fields from accounting to web design to branding. The more you learn about the latest methods in fundraising, the better equipped you are to further the cause of the organization you represent.

2. Connect with your peers! Since this Philanthropic Institute is designed specifically for nonprofit fundraisers, you’ll have the chance to meet with people who understand what you’re experiencing, whether that’s finding success with social media, struggling with direct mail, or capitalizing on events. And the connections you make can serve you in the future. You may be able to meet leaders who can be a sounding board for your next capital campaign or vendors who help you host your next event.

3. Rekindle your enthusiasm for fundraising!
If you’ve been struggling with finding new ways to reach your audience, the Philanthropic Institute can help you find inspiration. We hope that by talking to other fundraisers, listening to expert speakers, and sharing your own ideas, you may find renewed joy in the impact you have on your organization.

4. Don’t break the bank!
When AFP Michiana began planning the Philanthropic Institute, one of the primary intentions was to bring you an opportunity for education, energy, and connection that was still cost effective. We know you work hard and it can be difficult to travel to Chicago or Toronto for larger conferences both in terms of cost and time. Because the Philanthropic Institute is one day, you can bring new life to your fundraising strategy without putting a huge dent in your budget.

We planned the Philanthropic Institute to benefit you, and we hope you have an impactful and valuable experience. If you're interested in registering, we still have room in all of our sessions!