2021 Honoree - Amy Guerich

2021 Spirit of Philanthropy Award - Individual

Amy Guerich is described as “not only the best of current philanthropists, but the future of philanthropy as most of us envision it.” Recognizing the impact she can already make in our community, Amy is setting the bar for incoming generations to not wait to give back to the causes you care about as she has chosen to give in a holistic way that is the epitome of modeling the philanthropic behavior organizations need from all of their supporters. She is generous, yet strategic, supporting initiatives that she identifies as needing backing and agreeing to not only give, but also show up to demonstrate that the heart of service is more than being listed on the letterhead. Challenging others around the table and inspiring fellow leaders to not settle or be complacent, Amy emphasizes the importance of being an active member of your community. And, while she’s involved in several different organizations in various ways, she is committed to moving the needle for causes she authentically cares about. Consistently viewed as someone that walks the way, Amy is not shy in inviting others to walk with her and being an advocate for organizations and causes such as Starlight Theatre, Kansas City Ballet, Kansas City Estate Planning Society, UMKC’s Friends of the Conservatory, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Heroes for Hospice, United Inner City Services, St. Ann’s Catholic Church and her alma mater, Kansas State University. Amy embodies the notion that the spirit of philanthropy is best described as the gifts of time, talent and treasure.