2022 Honoree - Cable Dahmer

2022 Spirit of Philanthropy Award - Business

Cable Dahmer Automotive Group has a goal of meeting the needs of their customers, but during the holiday season of 2019, they expanded their calling to include meeting the needs of the community.  The idea was sparked by the family of Carlos Ledezma, CEO of the organization, who decided to give money to hunger relief instead of exchanging gifts. From that ember of giving, a blaze of generosity grew, and Carlos and his team at Cable Dahmer have now gone all-in to support Harvesters – The Community Food Network. Since 2020, the company’s team has contributed over $1 million in financial support - the equivalent of 3.6 million meals! In addition to providing financial support, Cable Dahmer has involved their vendors, encouraged their employees to sign up for volunteer shifts, and hosted food drives. The leadership of Cable Dahmer ensures that the support of Harvesters and their mission is placed at the forefront of attention during public events, bringing even more awareness of Harvesters to the community. The entire team at Cable Dahmer -- from top to bottom -- views Harvesters as a key partner and takes advantage at every opportunity to support Harvester’s efforts. Cable Dahmer's dedication to Harvesters and approaching the relationship through a true partnership lens serves as the embodiment of the Spirit of Philanthropy.