2022 Honoree - Dr. Linda Mitchell

2022 Excellence in Legacy Giving Award

Dr. Linda Mitchell, emerita professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, formerly held the role of Martha Jane Phillips Starr Missouri Distinguished Endowed Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.  A lifelong student and educator, her life’s work is based on and in furtherance of the preservation and archiving of historical and culturally significant records.  As such, her first planned gift serves to preserve and celebrate the history of Kansas City’s gay and lesbian community.  The Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid-America (GLAMA) has a mission of collecting, preserving, and making accessible the materials that make up the histories of the LGBTQIA communities of the Kansas City region.  Dr. Mitchell’s estate gift will provide critical funding to help maintain and preserve the collection, acquire new materials, and provide resources to improve the collection’s accessibility for researchers, students, and scholars.  Her second gift was an endowment provided to the Kansas City Ballet to provide support for the most critical tool in a ballet dancer’s career, pointe shoes.  Her endowment provides support for student-dancers whose ability to continue to develop their art is adversely affected by the high-cost and ephemeral nature of these necessities.  Dr. Mitchell’s third gift is an endowment that provides Classical KC with local programming support.    Dr. Mitchell considers wealth to be both a privilege and an opportunity to do good things.  It’s not about holding onto it; it’s about making sure that it produces beneficial results and fosters the improvement of others’ quality of life.  This tenet beautifully illustrates her excellence in legacy giving.