Fundraising Fridays - November 5

Building Your Donor Community

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Keynote Speaker:  8:05 - 8:30 AM 

DEI in Philanthropy: From the Inside OutJohnson.jpg

Yolanda F. Johnson, Founder and President of YFJ Consulting and Women of Color in Fundraising Philanthropy

With her expansive knowledge in fundraising and DEI, Yolanda uplifts and inspires audiences to take action and make needed changes in the non-profit sector, while continuing to do the good work.

Break: 8:30 - 8:45 AM 

Panel Discussion: 8:45 - 9:45 AM

What Do We Need to Build Diversity in Our Donor Communities?

It is our hope that the not-for-profit community continues to collectively foster an environment of mutual respect and inclusivity throughout our organizations. We will explore: How to Diversify Your Donor Base; Creating a Holistic Marketing Plan to Expand Your Base; and Using Special Events to Attract and Build Relationships.

Tom Kissane - - Principal & Managing Director, CCS Fundraising -  Moderator 


Yolanda F. Johnson, Founder and President, YFJ Consulting 

Cory Rosenberg - Marketing Strategist  Cree8 Group/Five Star Advertising

Marjorie Jean-Paul, Chief Community Engagement Officer  Buckley Country Day School

Session One: 9:45 - 10:45 AM

Creating a Holistic Marketing Plan to Expand Your Donor Community


An effective digital presence, combined with passion and creativity, are key to unlocking an expanded donor base and more effective relationships with existing supporters. When implemented correctly, a strong holistic marketing plan can help organizations build brand recognition and share their mission with the world. Cory will explore where the “road between fiscal responsibility and creativity meet without sacrificing your ultimate vision.”

Presenter: Cory Rosenberg - Marketing Strategist, Cree8 Group/Five Star Advertising

Break: 10:45 - 11:00 AM

Session Two: 11:00 - 11:45 AM

Using Special Events to Attract New Donors and Build Lasting Relationships


Special events take a lot of time and effort, so it makes sense to look at them as opportunities to build your year-round support base. Moving donors from annual event participants to year-round mission supporters is an intentional goal that needs consistent engagement and follow-up.


Melissa Benjamin - Director of Development, Fiver Children’s Foundation

Tracie Gilstrap - Director of Partner Network Engagement, Youth Inc.

Leigh Reid - Senior Director of Development & Communications, Extreme Kids & Crew

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