Fundraising Fridays

Fundraising Forum Fridays (formerly known as Philanthropy Day) is a series of three online live Zoom events originally scheduled in early November. We had some technical difficulties and the decision was made to reschedule so attendees would have a seamless experience.

Friday, January 21 will be day two's programming. 

Friday, January 28 will be day three's programming. 

You can see the Full Slate of Speakers and Schedule here.

Fundraising Forum is our signature educational and networking event for fundraisers, volunteers, board members, executive directors, business leaders and community activists.

Our theme this year, “Resilience Leads to Success,” reflects how fundraising professionals and volunteers have maintained their commitment to their constituents.

We have worked hard to create an outstanding series to inform, inspire and energize fundraisers, volunteers and all members of the nonprofit community. Now, more than ever, Fundraising Fridays are here for you!

Joanne Courtien                                   Jaime McGrade

2021 Fundraising Forum                       2021 Fundraising Forum

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