Each and every day, the important work you do demonstrates that you are a leader in effecting change in our community, making it a much better place for all of us. These three words—Empower, Strengthen, Transform—describe WHAT you do as a fundraiser and WHY you do it.


When you give to the BE the CAUSE Campaign, benefiting both our chapter and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy, you are investing in the future of our profession and advancing philanthropy for the greater good.


The BE the CAUSE Campaign, with several other sources of funding, supports Professional Development Grants, known as the Chamberlain Scholarship Program. These grants are provided to first-time attendees at the AFP International Conference on Fundraising. The conference provides an opportunity for nonprofit professionals to develop their knowledge and skills in fundraising, while exchanging ideas with colleagues around the world.


"As a past recipient of the Chamberlain Award which allowed me to attend my first International AFP Conference, I am a firm believer that I need to give to the “Be the Cause” campaign so that other members from our AFP chapter can have the opportunity to attend.  My annual gift to the “Be the Cause” campaign helps give a fundraiser from our area to have a powerful educational experience.  I will give every year in support of continuing education for a peer."


-Karen Wenk, CFRE


I hope you are inspired by Karen's story and will make your gift today. To donate, simply click here


Thank you for all you do in support of your colleagues, your local chapter, and the AFP Foundation. BE the CAUSE reflects your commitment to and passion for our rewarding profession. Thank you to all of my fellow AFP-CAC Board members for making their Be The Cause gift and allowing us 100% board participation in this year's campaign.  Together we are creating societal impact. 


If you would like more information, please visit or contact me with questions at or 517-432-9738. If I do not know the answer, I will be sure to get it. Thank you!


Best Regards,

Becky Jo


Becky Jo Farrington

AFP-CAC Past President , Be The Cause Chair, Sponsorship Co-Chair


Associate Director of Development

College of Natural Science

288 Farm Lane Room 5

East Lansing, MI 48824

517.432.9738 – office