The Winning Pitch

Contest Rules and Entry Requirements

Are you interested in participating in the 2021 Conference on Philanthropy? Would you like to compete for one of three chances to bring back a capacity-building grant to benefit your 501(c)(3) organization? If the answer is yes, you should submit your entry for The Winning Pitch!

The submission process is easy. Simply complete this brief on-line application no later than October 29th and register here for the Conference.

Three eligible finalists will be chosen by the Conference Committee. At the conference, these finalists will show a brief video presentation and answer questions from our funders panel. The one that delivers the most compelling presentation during The Winning Pitch session brings home the top grant of $5,000. Two second place grants of $2,500 each will be awarded to the other two finalists!

Those selected to appear at the conference will be responsible for submitting a video of no more than 90 seconds in length which includes essential information about their organization, including its name, location(s) and mission, along with persuasive content about the nature of the grant request, why the underlying project is important, and how the funding will be used to build your organization’s capacity in one of the following areas:

  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access
  • Use of Technology
  • Use of Social Media
  • Human Resources
  • General Infrastructure

While creativity is encouraged, the videos will not be held to high production quality standards. The idea is to communicate persuasively, with supporting information, and to demonstrate that you have thought through your organization’s request. Finalist videos will be due no later Monday, November 8.

At least one organizational representative must be registered for the conference at the time the application is submitted to be eligible for The Winning Pitch grant. Up to three registered representatives of the organizations selected can participate in the live session. The individual(s) involved in the live presentation must be planning to attend the conference in-person (or virtually, by Zoom, should public health conditions require).

Session Format

Following the session host’s introductions of the funders, the finalists will be introduced prior to the airing of their videos. After the videos, each finalist will have the opportunity to deliver a live pitch to the funders panel and conference audience. These pitches should be under two minutes in length.

The funders will ask questions and provide feedback, both for the benefit of the finalists and for educational purposes with respect to the audience.

After each finalist has presented to the funders panel, the panel members will huddle together and determine which one delivered … The Winning Pitch! The results will be announced, marking the end of the program.

Award Criteria

The results will be determined by our funders panel, who will score the finalists based on the videos, live presentation and Q&A. The criteria will be as follows:

1. Overall Quality – 0 to 10 points
2. Creativity – 0 to 10 points
3. Impact Potential of Funding – 0 to 10 points