Linley Daly

Linley Daly is a consultant, professional coach, speaker, and philanthropy leader. With more than 20 years of experience in raising capital, endowment and operational funds, Linley supports nonprofits and their leaders through energizing coaching, strategic planning and broad nonprofit management and fundraising expertise. Experience in corporate training, sales, and marketing has established a strong foundation for cultivating positive and enduring donor and community relationships.

Professionally, Linley has served the Association of Fundraising Professionals in many capacities, including President of AFP, New Mexico Chapter in 2015 and as a two-term member of the AFP International Committee for Membership/Chapter Services. In 2016, Linley was named Outstanding Fundraising Executive. She also serves on various local nonprofit Boards of Directors.

Prior to entering the nonprofit world, Linley was a collegiate athlete and academic All-American. She worked for fortune 500 companies; facilitated the creation of policy in federal and state legislatures; and along with her business partner, built a corporate training company.