Resources for Fundraising + Working Remotely in These Times

UPDATED 6/1/20


With so much uncertainty right now, you may be looking for a sounding board or have a specific challenge you want to discuss. 

Linley Daly, Daly Consulting and Joan Wood, Joan Wood & Company are both offering free one-hour coaching sessions to any of you! 

Their clients are asking for input on topics from events (cancel or postpone? what are some good virtual options?); messaging (when is too soon to reach out to donors?); budgets and staffing (how much will this impact us? can we reach out to our current foundation partners for help?) and appeals (hold off on sending a mailing already in process or push ahead with an adjusted message?). 

Joan and Linley are available to discuss options and help think through how to put plans in place within our new normal. You can reach them as follows:

Linley Daly at

Joan Wood at

John Ross is offering to talk with any nonprofit ED/CEO who simply wants to unload their concerns, thoughts, fears in a confidential phone call setting at no charge.


NEW! From Common Ground to Congressional Action: Advancing Universal Charitable Deduction
June 2 at 3 pm MST
Charitable organizations need resources as soon as possible. Six United States Senators have crossed the partisan divide to find common ground in support of a critically needed solution: the Universal Charitable Deduction. Provided by the National Council of Nonprofits REGISTER HERE

New! Taking Your EVENT FROM IRL to IRL - Beyond the Tech
June 12 at 11:00 am MST
Provided by Greater Good Strategy. REGISTER HERE


Joan Garry -Leadership in the Time of COVID-19


NEW! Zoom Training! Recommended if you would like to use more tools and options within Zoom.

COVID-19 related emergency grant information offered by The Grant Plant. Link HERE 

Nonprofit fundraising data to help you respond during the Covid-19 crisis. Coronavirus Nonprofit Fundraising Response Resource Center - NextAfter Institute  Link HERE

Best and Worst Coronavirus Crisis Communication Strategies  (article) by Claire Axelrad
Provided by Bloomerang

NEW! How Nonprofits are Doing Email Marketing Right During a Crisis  (article) by Lidia Varesco Racoma
Provided by Bloomerang

NEW!  3 Questions for Leading Inclusive, Interactive Virtual Meetings (article) by Renee Rubin Ross
Provided by Bloomerang

NEW! How to Retain New Donors Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic  (article) by Sarah Anderson & Caitlin Bristow. Provided by Campbell & Company

Change Isn’t Constant, It’s Required [article] by Jarrett Ransom, via Bloomerang -
“While we may not have prepared for this pivot, the hypothetical band-aid has been ripped off and we are all forced, together, to reimagine what our new normal can look like.” 

The Nonprofit Sector and the 'Shake Shack Effect' [article] by Deepa Iyer and Frances Kunreuther, originally via Candid’s Philantopic blog

Smaller, community-based organizations are serving as lifelines for the folks being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. How can funders, donors, and the sector at large step up to ensure that these vital, often people of color-led organizations survive this crisis?

How To Break Free From Boring Fundraising Appeals...Forever! [recorded webinar] with Lisa Sargent, via Fundraising Everywhere 2019

AFP ICON VIRTUAL: An Interview With Kay Sprinkel Grace [recorded video]
In this video, Kay Sprinkel Grace discusses what she sees for organizations moving forward, basic standards for organizations to be successful and more. Kay Sprinkel Grace, FAFP, is an author, international speaker, mentor and longtime fundraiser whose name is synonymous with philanthropy and AFP International’s 2020 Outstanding Fundraising Professional.

NEW! (VIDEO) What I Wished I’d Known…[when I first got started in fundraising] Lisa Sargent
Provided by Fundraising Everywhere

[VIDEO] How to Run an Online Event And Engage More People Virtually – Are current news stories threatening your real-life events? In this webinar, Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver will take you through the steps and learnings of developing online engagement events. Link HERE

Coping in a Pandemic: Essential Nonprofit Philanthropic Strategies
People need a little hope. A sense that if we tend the garden now, flowers will bloom again next spring. It may take a while, but it will happen. You, and your donors, will make it happen! Link HERE

Using a Racial Justice Lens Now to Transform Our Future Nonprofit Quarterly Link HERE

The Nonprofit Quarterly - How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19
Learn how the stimulus bill, formally known as the CARES Act, might support your nonprofit. There's a provision for donors too.

From Bridgespan: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Nonprofits and Funders - Link here

From CMX: A Comprehensive List of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Link HERE

From Joan Garry: “When You Can’t Meet in Person” Link HERE
Great advice on moving an in-person agenda to a virtual agenda -- and making it work!

From the Washington, DC AFP Chapter: A very comprehensive list of COVID-19 Resources - Link HERE

Ongoing and Continuously Growing List of Resources -Link HERE

Center for Nonprofit Excellence


If you don’t already follow Vu Le’s excellent, thoughtful, and norm-challenging blog “Nonprofit AF,” let his most recent post get you hooked: What are we willing to give up to end the nonprofit hunger games? 

From Vu Le:
Is there such a thing as too much gratitude? Yes, and it’s been harmful to our work.

NEW! Vu Le’s laser-beam wit is on full display as he captures a frustration many in the nonprofit world share: Hey businesses: Act more like nonprofits if you want to succeed!