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About Our Chapter

By Cliff Mansley, Chapter Historian and Founding Member

Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter  
(formerly National Society of Fund Raising Executives - Oregon Chapter)  

Far fetched though it may seem, the origins of the Oregon Chapter go back to 1950 when Chapter founder, Cliff Mansley, served on the staff of Treasure Island Camp, Boy Scouts of America with Richard Wilson who later became the National President of NSFRE.  This friendship, that began 34 years before the founding of our Chapter, continued until his death in 1989.  This friendship was an important motivating factor in getting the Oregon Chapter started in 1984.  The friendship, combined with the fact that several Oregonians (Phil Stolberg with the Salvation Army, Ron Nordeen with St. Vincent’s Hospital , Barbara Bell and Cliff Mansley, with the Boy Scouts) were already NSFRE members,  helped to launch the Chapter.  There was a felt need that fund raisers in Oregon should have some affiliation with a national organization.  


Early meetings to get a chapter started were held in the Spring of 1984 at the Boy Scout office with participants including Caroline Punches of the American Heart Association, Katie Foehl of Good Samaritan Foundation, Phil Stolberg, Salvation Army, Margaret Jay, Portland Opera, Bruce Winston, Boy Scouts, Sally Woolley and John Gibbens, Boy Scouts, David Larson, Fruit and Flower child Center, Dottie Wilson, OMSI, Kathy Brumwell, Red Cross, Krista Larson, YMCA, May Medved, Burnside Projects and Don Jarman of Northwestern NBA Services and others in attendance.  


Richard Wilson, NSFRE National President met with several members of the Organizing Committee in late April of 1984 and momentum began to build for the new chapter.


A meeting on August 22nd, 1984 really got the ball rolling with the fact that 16 persons had signed on as charter members, one above the necessary 15.  A nominating committee headed by Caroline Punches and including Krista Larson, John Collier and Dottie Wilson was appointed to nominate a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and nine directors.  Initial committees would include: Membership, Philanthropic, Education and Communications.  A bylaws committee was also appointed chaired by Phil Stolberg and including David Larson and Kathleen Brumwell.  Plans were now in motion for the chartering meeting to take place on September 25, 1984.


With lots of promotion and energy the Chartering meeting was held on September 25th in the Conference rooms of the NW Natural Gas.  Twenty two members were on hand for this election of officers, adoption of the bylaws and other necessary business.  The Founding President was Cliff Mansley, Boy Scouts of America, Vice President, Caroline Punches of American Heart Assn..  National dues were $100 and local dues $25 as of the chartering date.  The chapter was honored with the presence of the National President , Dick Wilson, who spoke about the national organization and its work in promoting philanthropy.


The first program meeting of the chapter took place on October 26 with a program devoted to planned giving and presented by Don Jarman and Bruce Winston,  the November program was presented by Margaret Jay.  Marilyn Clark and John Collier and was devoted to Volunteer Recruitment.  Katie Foehl and Caroline Punches combined to present the next program on Corporate Giving. 

Attendance at meetings during the early months and years was also a challenge.  Most restaurants require a minimum of 25 attendees to reserve a room.  Often we could only muster 20 or 22 and the Founding President found that he had to pick up the tab for a few meals now and then.  Finding a suitable location was also difficult.  Early meetings were held at the Fish and Wildlife conference room, a Chinese restaurant (now defunct), Salty’s on the Willamette (now defunct) Holladay Park Medical Center and other places.  Finally the chapter settled down at the Mallory Hotel where we met for several years.  The meeting room was right for a small group, the price was right and the parking not too bad.  Our most exciting and memorable meal occurred when each person was served a whole leg of Turkey.  


As president of the chapter Cliff Mansley had a great deal of difficulty working himself out of the job.  Caroline Punches of the American Heart Association was slated to succeed as President and she moved to Dallas.  Don Jarman was then slated to become President and he moved to Los Angeles.  Kathy Brumwell was then in line to be President and she moved to Seattle to direct the Leukemia society there.  Finally it was decided to select someone as vice President who was new in town and therefore would not be moving any time soon.  Bob Yardley, Newly appointed Director of Development for the Salvation Army, filled that bill and had the courage to say “I will”.  So, in 1987 Bob became the Oregon chapter’s second President succeeding Cliff who had held the position for two and a half years.


The first Annual Fund Raising Conference of the Chapter was held in November of 1986 at the Hilton Hotel.  This was a daring effort for an organization with barely 50 members.  The event was held for two major reasons: provide a local educational experience for fund raising executives, and, raise money for the other programs of the Chapter.  Ron Sumner, then of the MS Society, bravely stepped forward to chair this event.   Attendance reached the phenomenal number of 75.   The first Philanthropy Day Luncheon, headed by Marcia Director, was held in conjunction with this conference.   Henry Casey of the Casey Foundation, and one of the founders of UPS and Lou Perry, Chairman of the board of Standard Insurance, were the honorees.  


During Robert Yardley’s term of office, the chapter membership grew to 50.  A monthly program on Executive Search in the Fund Raising Field reached a new luncheon high with an attendance of 80 at the lately lamented Salty’s on the Willamette.  Another first was the CFRE Survey Course which was entirely run by members of the chapter.  A highlight during Bob’s Presidency was the meeting of the National Board, held at the Marriott Hotel.  All will remember the great seven-course meal designed to show the National Board that the Marriott had the stuff to host National events.  They will also remember the salmon cookout in the park.  The selection of Clair Siddall as President-elect (a first) also assured the continuance of the chapter.


Veteran development officer Clair Siddall assumed the president’s reigns in 1988.  The chapter grew under Clair’s able leadership adding a program for fund raising neophytes which occurred before and sometimes after the luncheon meetings.  This program then became a Thursday program and was later spun off to WVDO. 


Krista Larsen served as president during 1989.  There were no minutes or historical information for this year.  During this period of time a job bank was established and funded by Tom Wilson.  The job bank was well received by the fund raisers.  As time went by the job bank became a cooperative venture with WVDO.  Eventually it was spun off to WVDO. 


Katie Foehl was president during 1990.  Membership reached 173.  The annual fund raising conference was widely praised by participants and had a net income of $9,000.  The chapter conducted another local CFRE survey course. 


Tom Wilson began a two year term as president.  A board retreat was held with three main outcomes:  (1) The Chapter should be membership driven (2) We should take a strong stand on upholding fund raising ethics and (3)The chapter should strive to be the pre-eminent fund raising organization.  The Philanthropy Day Dinner and the Annual Conference were held separately for the first time.  The following Mission Statement was adopted:

“The mission of the Oregon Chapter of NSFRE is to promote philanthropy for the public good by fostering leadership, ethical practices and education within the Fund Raising Profession”.

In 1991 membership reached 200.


Tom Wilson served a second term as president.  Membership reached 217.

392 persons attended the Annual Conference.  The National President, Pat Lewis, visited the chapter on October 1st and 2nd.  The job bank, initiated by the chapter, was receiving 30-40 calls per month with as many as 60 job openings listed.  A long range plan was adopted.  In order to reach more senior development officers the Senior Symposium was launched. 

Another first for the chapter was an auction to teach members the techniques of conducting an auction and to raise funds for a Fund Raising shelf at the Multnomah library.  The auction, chaired by Cliff Mansley, received outstanding support from members: Ron Carr, Dottie Wilson Ron Sumner and Judy Strader as well as other members.  Our chapter, through its support of the Multnomah Library, became the first NSFRE Chapter Library Affiliate in the nation. 


Tom Wilson was succeeded by J.S. May as president.  Membership peaked at 237.  The Philanthropy Day Dinner was moved to the Hilton Hotel. 


J.S. May served a second year as president.  Membership took a dip to 146. 


Membership rebounded in 1995 under the leadership of president, Martha Richards.  During her tenure chapter finances improved and for the first time the chapter employed a part-time executive secretary.  Philanthropy Day was again a feature of the chapter’s program.  In February we had another visit from the National President.  The chapter continued to focus on reaching the senior development officer.


Membership continued to climb during Martha Richards second term as president reaching a
total of 220.


Mary Lee Planer was elected president.  The Senior Symposium was dropped.  Ron Carroll, National Chairman of the Board of NSFRE, met with the Oregon Board and various committees.  Discussions were held regarding cooperation with WVDO (Willamette Valley Development Officers). Attendance at monthly meetings averaged 69.


Mary Lee Planer served a second term in 1998.  Membership was 143.  In 1998 Mary Lee Planer and Johanna Thoeresz nominated Robert Pamplin for the National Philanthropist of the Year award.  The award was presented in New Orleans at the National NSFRE Conference.  Subsequently Mr. Pamplin gave a grant of $8,000 to the chapter to enhance the Philanthropy Day Luncheon.  This gift brought the event to a new height of State-wide prominence and influence in the philanthropic community. 


Johanna Thoeresz was elected as president for 1999.  During her term of office the Vollum Award was added to Philanthropy Day honoring one of Oregon’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists.  The award is now called the Howard and Jean Vollum Award for Lifetime Philanthropic Achievement recognizing that Jean was a full partner in their philanthropic endeavors.  Julie Fitzgerald was appointed to serve as NSFRE’s representative to the Oregon Community Foundation’s “Giving in Oregon Council”. Membership on the Council gives the Chapter added credibility and recognition in the philanthropic community.  


Joe Wedding’s term of office, in 2000, saw a considerable discussion regarding the role of prominent donors in setting the agenda for the organizations they serve.  The question was “should substantial donors dictate or too strongly influence the direction of a non-profit organization”?  The chapter wrestled with this question from a philosophical point of view and determined that fund raisers and the institutions they serve should resist having their goals set by key donors.


The Chapter had a period of inactivity during 2001 when president, Chris Selby, moved to Spokane in mid-term.  The Philanthropy Day luncheon continued as a major event at the Hilton Hotel. 


Following the period of some inactivity in 2001, JS May and Tom Wilson took over the reins of the chapter in 2002 as co-presidents.  They reinvigorated the Board with monthly Board meetings at the Mallory hotel and resumed monthly meetings which had been discontinued.  They held Board retreats and began rebuilding the membership.  JS May introduced the idea of having recipients and their presenters speak at the Philanthropy Day (now) Luncheons.  This has been hugely successful and has brought tremendous enthusiasm from participants and attendees.


Continuing the concept of co-presidents, Tom Wilson and Jim Lewis served in that capacity in 2004.   The Chapter employed Lisa Morasch as the Executive Director.  Board meetings were moved to the OHSU Board Room and were well attended.  During this year eleven persons took the CFRE exam.  The chapter also approved funds for a professional website.


In 2005 Jim Lewis’s and Julie Fitzgerald served as co-presidents.  During their tenure as the chapter approved $1,000 to underwrite the CFRE program.  The board continued its decade’s long discussion of the proper role of the AFP chapter relative to the Willamette Development Officers organization.  This insoluble dilemma seems to be a continuing concern.  The chapter also continued and further developed its relationship with the Oregon Business Magazine in sponsoring the Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon.  The luncheon in this year was incredibly successful and netted more than $17,000 in support of the chapter’s mission.  The board approved Philanthropy Day Sponsor levels as follows:  $7,500 Platinum, $4,000 Gold, $1,200 Tribute and $550 Patron.  A major change was instituted in the structure of the chapter by adding several vice presidents. Each vice president coordinates several committees or functions. The chapter dropped the idea of co-presidents and selected Julie Fitzgerald as the President, John Korb as President elect, Kevin Cote, Treasurer and Cathy Barr, Secretary.  The board approved funding the attendance of key officers at National leadership training events. This has resulted in better relationships and communications with the National staff. 

A highlight of the year was a visit by Pat Bjorhovde, Western Delegate from the National Staff.  She noted that 2004 was the first year that AFP had a loss in membership and brought to the table numerous recruiting ideas.

The Board approved contracting with eTapestry to maintain a membership and prospective membership base.  This contract was not implemented.


During Julie Fitzgerald’s term in 2006 the chapter membership maintained itself at 132.  The University of Oregon formed a Student Chapter under the auspices of our chapter and was granted $500 to help establish them-selves.  The Philanthropy Day Luncheon had an attendance of more than 750, setting a new record.  The mentoring program took on new life with definite plans for recruiting mentors and pairing them with mentees.  A new emphasis was placed on education under the leadership of Kathy Hostettler.   The chapter elected John Korb as president and Aaron Pearlman as President Elect. 


Shortly after John Korb became President in 2007 he focused attention on an all-day retreat at the Menucha Retreat Center near Corbett.  The retreat was facilitated by AFP Chair Robbe Healy and AFP Western Manager, Pat Bjorhovde.  One result of the Retreat and the intense focus on goals was achieving the national 10 Star Award.  During the year 13 candidates took the CFRE exam. Membership remained at 132.  A social in the form of an Oktoberfest was held with 20 members in attendance.  The chapter’s bookkeeping, which had been outsourced, was folded into a staff operation.  A multi-year budgeting process was adopted which will help the chapter meet its goals.  It was during this year, in recognition of the number of members from Southwest Washington, that the chapter name was changed to Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter.  In addition the chapter continued its sponsorship of the AFP University of Oregon Chapter.  Our Philanthropy Luncheon in partnership with the Oregon Business Magazine, reached a new high in attendance and sponsorships enabling the chapter to expand its mission in the fund raising field.  A membership program was adopted including: letter and Donor Bill of Rights to new members, target prospects receive a personal letter, Summer Social at the Zoo, personal invitations to AFP events and creation of a local membership brochure. New member luncheons have been well received.  CFRE Study group numbered 19.  President elect Aaron Pearlman brought to the attention of the Board that the national organization requests all chapters have a uniform set of bylaws.  The bylaws will include officer terms of 2 years and term limits of 8 years for board members. The exception will be that if a board member is in their eighth year and is elected as an officer they will be able to serve an additional 2 years. Kathy Hostettler has been nominated as President-elect.  The chapter’s mission was restated as: Educate, Facilitate Certification, Advocate, Mentor, and Honor and Recognize.


With the leadership of Aaron Pearlman as president the chapter took numerous forward strides.

Due to a successful Philanthropy Day Luncheon the chapter ended the year with a balance of $48,000.  Membership reached 135 with a net gain of 12.  A WEB conference, sponsored by the Campbell Company, will be held which will be internationally broadcast.  The Campbell Company also sponsored five WEB conferences including: Ethical Fund Raising; Keep Your Donors; Boomer Generation Women Create New Horizons for Fund Raising and Guerilla Tactics: Motivating Your Board And CEO to Raise Money. A happy note regarding the mentoring program indicated that there were more mentors than mentees. The Collins Group sponsored a DVD for orientation and preparation for the CFRE exams. A Chapter Diversity program was adopted.  As part of its education emphasis the chapter awarded several scholarships to the National Conference. Another highly successful Philanthropy Day Luncheon was held at the Marriott Hotel and received kudos from many attendees


AFP Chapter History Continued


Kathy Hostetler, CFRE of the Providence Health System held the reins as president during 2009. The OSU Foundation, a major sponsor of the Philanthropy Day Luncheon, held their Board meeting at a time that permitted Trustees to attend the luncheon.  They were so impressed that they planned to hold their next November meeting at a time that will again permit Board members to attend the luncheon.  Membership has grown to 147 with 73% retention showing an increase of 8%.   Web conferences, sponsored by Tom Wilson and Campbell & Company will continue throughout the year.  The Chapter attained the National recognition of “Friends of Diversity”, one of only 19 chapters to attain this distinction.  In a discussion about how Board Members felt about the chapter,  there was generally a very warm and positive feeling.  There was a sense that the chapter had finally a strong sense of mission and the role that AFP should play in the fund raising field.  There also seemed to be a more comfortable feeling about the transition into the term of board membership being limited to 6 years with president, president elect serving for 2 years.  The Board reaffirmed its Resolution regarding an emphasis on diversity it fund raising.  Pat Bjorhovde, AFP Regional Representative attended the October Board Meeting and gave a comprehensive review of how the chapter was doing with recommendations for improvements in various areas .   Discussions at board meetings inevitably touched upon the impact of the recession economy upon fund raising in general and more specifically on chapter membership and the Philanthropy Day attendance and income.  The year ended with a net surplus of $2857.,  $4000 in the checking account and a reserved of $36,000.   So, despite the gloom and doom about the economy the Chapter is financially strong.  



Laurel Brennan, Life Works NW took on the responsibility of President with a strong board and a lot of enthusiasm.  The theme for the year was “Building Community”.  A new position on the board “ Volunteers Chair” was assumed by Sam Vigil.   Sam plans to attend the New Member Meetings to talk up volunteerism in the Chapter.   The Chapter again attained the “Friends of Diversity” recognition and earned the 10 Star Award.  This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Founding of AFP (formerly NSFRE).   The continuing recession had an effect on membership and escalated concerns about the annual budget.  Chapter membership was steady with losses balanced by gains.   The Board had continued discussion about periodic membership meetings vs a standard monthly meeting.  Strategic Planning and annual reviews of the strategic plan continued to keep the chapter focused on its objectives and programs.  Outreach programs included a successful Web Conference in Bend attended by 20 participants.    Sponsorships for the Philanthropy Awards luncheon were up indicating both a vigorous promotional program and an improving economy.   Kudos were given to Lee Pinson and his committee for the “best Philanthropy Awards Luncheon ever with  net income at a new high.    Board meetings moved from the Northwest Health Foundation to the ACLU offices in the Wilcox Building.  Portland State University formed a collegiate chapter and when it reaches 10 members will be recognized by AFP.  




James Phelps assumed the helm of the Chapter at the January meeting, held in the offices of the ACLU.

The Collins Group contributed $1500. To sponsor the Senior Salon.  Future Board meetings will be held at the OSU and/or OHSU meeting rooms.   The Chapter reached its Every Member campaign goal and qualified for a Foundation grant.  Other good news included the fact that the Chapter again earned the 10 star chapter designation.   Pamela McClure maintained a Chapter to University of Oregon Collegiate Chapter relationship providing supporting help to that group.  It was announced that there is a new category of membership for organizations where a $2000 dues entitles the organization to 8 membership (non transferable).   The Portland State University Chapter is now official.  The Senior Salon program continued with the latest featuring David Rowe and an attendance of 20.  Chapter membership stood at 153 compared to 146 at this same time last year.  There is a continuing concern about how to differentiate AFP, CASE, WVDO etc. so that prospective members will understand the value of AFP.  The Chapter set about finding a paid contractor to manage a public relations effort.  Philanthropy Luncheon attendance of 730 broke all previous records.  Despite the record attendance the drop in sponsorships resulted in a lower than expected net income of $21,,400.  CFRE candidates were down this year, perhaps due to a larger number in 2010.  However the spirit of the group was excellent and the Chapter continues to sponsor this program.  Katlin Smith, APR was selected as the first Public Relations Manager (a contract position).   The year ended with a profit (surplus) of $3100.   Even more significantly the  November 30,  membership stood at 161 compared to 148 for the same date in 2010.




Carol Van Natta,  of the OSU Foundation moved into the President’s chair in January with almost 100% board member attendance, which is something of a record.   Event fees were increased to $35 for members and $50 for non members.   A Friends of Diversity designation was again awarded to the chapter.  President Carol reported on a meeting with like sized Chapters at the International Conference.  Other chapters our size hold regular monthly meetings at a variety of locations, conduct a conference and bring you CEO to one of the meetings.  Chapter membership continues to be slightly ahead of 2011. New and Prospective Member attendance at the Grant House in Vancouver had a record attendance of 24 including 12 prospective members.  The Board approved creation of the Allan J. Price Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional to be awarded at the next Philanthropy Luncheon.   The chapter received a bonus from the International Headquarters for showing an increase of 13 professional members.  President Van  Natta acquired OSU as the first Organization Member at $1000.  Attendance at the CFRE course was up again this year with 11 participants.   Approval was given to resume monthly meetings with 10 set for 2013 at the MAC Club.  Plans for a VIP reception at Alexanders in connection with the Philanthropy Day luncheon were inaugurated.   Philanthropy Day Sponsorships of $51,200  exceeded the goal of $45000 for a record in timing and amount.  While attendance was down sponsorships were up as was net income of $23,000.  A sum of $5000 was approved for the 2013 Fund Raising Trends Survey.    The University of Portland now has an officially sanctioned,  collegiate chapter. 


In lieu of minutes from the 2013 year the following report by President Carol Van Natta is printed 

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Chapter president for the past two years.  Thank you for allowing me this privilege.  

Due to the efforts of many, the Chapter is making tremendous progress.   From November 1, 2012 to November 2, 2013, our membership increased from 153 to 205, making us one of the fastest growing AFP chapters in the United States.

Regularizing our monthly chapter meeting dates and strengthening our educational programming have been instrumental to our growth.  Each of our luncheon programs was well received.  Our October luncheon program on Women and Philanthropy setting an all time record of 75 in attendance.  Our revenues have grown likewise.  Every luncheon program has been profitable .  

More than 650 guests attended the 2013 AFP Philanthropy Awards Luncheon in November and we had more underwriting for the event than ever before.  The bills are still being paid, but we expect the luncheon to return significant net revenue to the Chapter and one of which we can be justifiably proud.  

A vote of confidence in our Chapter is the fact that three  of our members have leadership roles at the International level: James Phelps, Kathy Hostetler and myself.  Another mark of our maturity is the success of our annual Philanthropy Survey which will be administered again in January by Kevin Johnson of Retriever Consulting.

Our growth has meant increased work for our Chapter Administrator, Lisa Morasch.  Lisa continues to provide us with outstanding support that makes it easy for the chapter board to look good!

As I pass the gavel, I want to thank my predecessor as president, James Phelps, and my successor, Sam Vigil, and all our board members for their commitment to the Chapter and to ensuring that professional, ethical fundraising is alive and well in Oregon and Southwest Washington.  

Yours gratefully,   Carol Van Natta


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