2022 Philanthropy Awards


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2022 Philanthropy Awards Honorees

Michael Alexander
Vollum Award for Lifetime Philanthropic Achievement 

Barbara Coit Yeager
Outstanding Philanthropist 

Hayden Homes
Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Lan Su Chinese Garden Volunteers
Outstanding Volunteer Group

Nancy Stueber
Thomas Lamb Eliot Award for Service in Philanthropy


"Whittier Trust salutes Barbara Coit Yeager!  Through her generous spirit and steadfast commitment to philanthropy, Barbara has not only made an indelible mark on her community; she has also set a wonderful example for her children and grandchildren.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to support those efforts.  We hope to build upon and honor Barbara’s legacy for decades to come, as we continue to facilitate the Coit family’s philanthropic endeavors.  Congratulations, Barbara, on this well-deserved honor!"
-- Pegine Grayson, Haley Dahl, Kristina Hernandez, & Dean Byrne