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Lowcountry Chapter Mentor Program

In Greek mythology, Odysseus charged his friend, Mentor, with the care and guidance of his son, Telemachus, as he left to fight the Trojan War. This story serves as the source of the modern use of the word mentor: a trusted friend, counselor or teacher.

Mentors are seasoned professionals who provide guidance to others to help them advance their careers, enhance their education, and build their networks. One benefit of AFP membership is to be a mentor or have a mentor. Many of the world's most successful people often attribute their success to the influence of a mentor. A mentoring relationship is not an opportunity for the mentee to have a senior fundraising professional help him or her with specific work-related tasks; rather it is about one’s personal development in the fundraising field.

Many of our Lowcountry chapter members have a wealth of experience to share. One way we’d like to encourage mentoring relationships within our chapter in 2013 is to designate a table at each of our regular AFP luncheon to a particular topic in the field of fundraising. We would place one or two seasoned professionals in a particular topical area of fundraising at that table so that other chapter members who would like to meet more experienced professionals in that topical area can do so. Hopefully, these introductions and shared interests will encourage the development of mentoring relationships within our chapter.

If you'd like to consider meeting a potential mentor or becoming a mentor yourself, or if you have a suggestion of a topic you think would be a good subject to discuss, please contact Professional Development & Mentoring Chair Lauren JohnsonYour input is most welcome.

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