Chapter Job Center

As a service to our area nonprofit organizations and fundraising professionals seeking new opportunities, our Chapter offers a job posting service.   Only positions that have significant fundraising responsibilities are announced through our service.  If your organization is seeking to fill a fundraising position, please submit a PDF version of the job announcement.  We ask that you include your organization logo at the top and a brief intro paragraph about your organization, your mission, etc., with the job announcement to follow.  Please be sure to include how someone should apply. 

AFP Sierra Chapter is aligning with AFP Global’s policy on job postings and recommending employers posting jobs on the Sierra Chapter job board include a salary range for these reasons: 

  1. Not including the salary range in a job posting reinforces the salary gaps we see in the fundraising profession and in all of society based on gender, race and other factors. Studies show that women and people of color often have huge disadvantages during salary negotiations. Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession. 
  2. We demand transparency in the relationship between our donors and our organizations. We should expect no less from our organizations when hiring a fundraiser (or any other position). 
  3. Salary ranges set expectations from the beginning and ensure there is no surprise about salaries and that  neither party is wasting their time on a candidate or a position that doesn’t meet their salary needs. In addition, there is research which shows that jobs with salary ranges get 30% more attention.
The announcement will be sent to our e-distribution list and posted on the page below.  

If your organization is interested in posting a position, please contact our Chapter Administrator, Sherry Griffin Grundy at

Job postings are $75 for AFP Sierra Chapter members and non-members pay a $125 posting fee.  Please contact our Chapter Administrator first, before paying, by sending the PDF of the announcement so it can be reviewed.  


* Posted October 13, 2021 - Development Director, Sierra Nevada Ballet (view announcement)
* Posted October 5, 2021 - Development Manager and Grant Writer, Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc. (view announcement)
* Posted September 29, 2021 - Assistant Director, Development, University of Nevada, Reno (view announcement)
* Posted July 30, 2021 - Associate Director of Development - TMCC Foundation & Grants Office (view announcement)