Leadership & Member Profiles

Every month we introduce a member of our AFP Chapter to our professional community.  Each member answers a few questions to tell us about their time in fundraising, why they love their work, and why they are involved with AFP. 

This month meet Carly Mysko,  AFP Saskatoon Treasurer and  Manager of Community Relations at Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation.

How did you discover fundraising? 

I have been in the fundraising world for about 5 years now. I actually joined the SPSF team as administrative support and got involved with donor relations and stewardship through that role, which evolved to my current role that includes fundraising for an internal campaign and endowment fund.

What is something you love about being a fundraiser?

There are so many great things about this world – the many opportunities, the wonderful people, and working in a profession that makes a difference in the lives of others. 

Why are you involved with AFP?

AFP is great because it provides opportunities to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. I volunteer with AFP for the same reason – it is always beneficial to meet others in the industry and learn new things.

Which causes are special to you?

So many worthwhile causes in the city, but of course, supporting our youngest learners with essential literacy programming that impacts graduation outcomes. There are huge economic costs for Canadian society in terms of health, social services, employment, and the justice system for students who do not graduate high school. It is so important to provide intervention in the early years, and ensure students are reading at a grade 3 level in grade 3.  

Are you interested in being profiled?   Email afpsaskatoon@gmail.com with your answers to the four questions above and a photo of yourself.   We will be in touch!