Leadership & Member Profiles

Every month we introduce a member of our AFP Chapter to our professional community.  Each member answers a few questions to tell us about their time in fundraising, why they love their work, and why they are involved with AFP. 

This month, meet Richelle Kenn, Program Chair and Director of Development at the Nature Conservancy of Canada

How did you discover fundraising?

Before I became a front-line fundraiser myself, I worked alongside many fundraisers.  I didn't really understand how they got to their end result, but was always curious about what they did exactly.  Eventually I made the shift from community and alumni engagement into a development team, organizing fundraising events.  From there my career progressed into more direct fundraising opportunities as I built my understanding and experience. 

What is something you love about being a fundraiser?

So many things!!  Of course facilitating impact, advancing causes, advocating for the sector.  But one thing I think about a lot - I love getting to meet people from all walks of life.  If I wasn't a fundraiser we would never cross paths, or have a reason to connect on something we both care about.  Their life stories have left such an impression on me over the years, shifting my perspective, educating me or sharing their wisdom.  It's such a privilege just getting to know people - and that's before the real good part starts.   

Why are you involved with AFP?

When I became a fundraiser, I attended the fundamentals of fundraising course hosted by AFP in Calgary.  The course spring boarded my learning with best practices and a really great foundation of understanding.  Shortly after I got a Chamberlain Scholarship to attend Banff Compass. I was always blown away by the value AFP provided me so early in my career and was really grateful. I've stayed involved to give back and help advance the profession for the future. 

Which causes are special to you?

I'm passionate about access to nature and outdoors sports, so I'm a big fan of Wildlife Federations, DUCS unlimited, Trout unlimited and of course the Nature Conservancy of Canada.   Others include the Canadian Legion, Dale Brain Injury Services, Chez Stella, and the Salvation Army. 

Are you interested in being profiled?   Email afpsaskatoon@gmail.com with your answers to the four questions above and a photo of yourself.   We will be in touch!