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Development Officer, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Senior Vice-President, Philanthropy & Campaign, VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation


Job Posting Information

AFP Saskatoon Chapter offers organizations the opportunity to publish job postings on our website.
Postings are made public and shared with Chapter members, and remain on our website for a month after the posting date.


  • $100 fee for AFP Saskatoon members
  • $150 fee for non-members

Please submit your Full Job Description Details along with your organizations' detailed contact information

Invoices will be sent to the contact person provided and payment is due upon receipt to AFP Saskatoon Chapter. Please let us know if anyone at your organization is a member of AFP Saskatoon Chapter eligible for a rate discount. 

New: All Job Postings must include the salary range for the job being posted. We have instituted this requirement:

  1. To be consistent with the AFP Global practice 
  2. As a means to encouraging enhanced transparency
  3. We believe salary ranges set expectations from the beginning and ensure there is no surprise about salaries and maximizes time and interest of both employers and candidates.
  4. In addition, there is research which shows that jobs with salary ranges get 30% more attention.