2021 Outstanding Community Partner

Congratulations to our 2021 Outstanding Corporate Partner, John Grant!

To state that John Grant has made a difference to North Central Family Centre (NCFC) would be a huge understatement. John Grant’s personal commitment and dedication to our youth and families, and to the community is beyond measure. John’s long-term commitment and investment in NCFC will have lasting impact for generations to come, and is making a tremendous difference in improving the quality of life for many residents in Regina’s North Central. North Central Family Centre is a registered non-profit charitable organization offering wrap-around programs and services in a supportive environment to children, youth families and Elders.

John is a visionary and deeply committed to providing opportunities that benefit all members of society. John is an extraordinary, community- minded individual that not only embraced and supports our children and youth at NCFC but has inspired his many employees at Campbell and Halliburton to become personally involved.

John inspires and motivates his employees to bridge the understanding of cultures and encouraged his staff to mentor and create job opportunities for our young students. Provided monthly pizza parties for our youth programming and personally served and mentored our youth. He has conducted various fundraising initiatives involving his employees and community to raise funds for our after-school programs.

John is passionate about creating opportunities and a path for success for people living in social exclusion. His dedication and ongoing commitment to our children and families make him a unique and outstanding individual.