Diverse Communities Scholarship

Diverse Communities Scholarship is a $1,500 national scholarship that covers registration fees and some travel expenses for International Conference.

1) Fundraising professional who self-identifies as coming from an eligible diverse community as defined by AFP (African-American/Black, Asian, People with Disabilities, Faith-based, LGBTQ, Hispanic, Jewish, Rural, or another underrepresented community
2) Fundraising professional or fundraising executive director employed by an eligible AFP diverse community where 50% or more staff members are from that diverse community
3) Work for a nonprofit organization that serves a 50% or more eligible AFP diverse community client base 4)Employed as a full-time fundraising professional or spend at least fifty percent of time fundraising for employer 5)Never attended an NSFRE/AFP International Conference on Fundraising
6) Understand that this may be a partial scholarship (conference fees and some travel stipend only) and that scholar may be required to find additional funds needed to attend this conference (such as travel expenses)
7) Understand that my name as the AFP Diverse Communities Conference Scholar may be listed/promoted in AFP communications
8) Understand that if selected as a 2022 Diverse Communities Scholarship winner, that scholar will attend all required sessions at the International Fundraising Conference and complete an evaluation

Application closes December 31, 2021

For more information, visit Diverse Communities Scholarship