AFP Global: AFP Emerging Leaders Virtual Workshop 2023

When:  Nov 14, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM (ET)

November 14, 2023 | 11 AM – 4 PM EST
Pricing is $139 USD for members and $209 USD for non-members.

Eligible for 4 CFRE Education Points (pending)

Calling all emerging leaders and young professionals.
 Join us online for this exciting half-day conference geared toward helping you develop your fundraising skillset and advance your career. We’ll cover topics related to virtual stewardship and donor engagement, how to craft a strong development plan and more!

Facilitated by: Landis Erwin

Session topics will include:

  • AI Empowerment: Leading Ethical Tech Innovations in Fundraising: Cherian Koshy: Attention emerging leaders and young professionals! Dive into the revolutionary world of AI and its potential to reshape the fundraising landscape. As we navigate the digital age, understanding the ethical implications and transformative power of AI becomes paramount. This session will spotlight how fundraisers can harness AI to enhance virtual stewardship, elevate donor engagement, and craft robust development materials. Together, we'll explore the successes and challenges of AI in fundraising, offering insights into countering biases and maximizing its potential for inclusivity. Equip yourself with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge to lead the next wave of ethical tech innovations in philanthropy.
  • Centering Equity & Justice in Grant Seeking: April Walker: One of the most challenging aspects of grant writing is authentically responding to questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in ways that comprehensively address power balances, advocate for community-driven solutions, and account for historical and systemic injustices. This session will explore actionable strategies to embed equity and justice in grant seeking as fundraising professional. 
  • Unlock Your Leadership: Navigating the Boardroom with Confidence and Credibility: Ben Mohler: As fundraising professionals, the primary objective is to engage external donors and encourage lifelong philanthropy. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that our success is contingent upon fostering strong relationships within our organizations. By adopting a holistic approach to our work — encompassing self-leadership, leading up, and leading out, we can enhance our self-confidence and establish professional credibility when collaborating with boards and organizational leaders. This collaboration, in turn, can open doors to increased leadership opportunities and further propel the growth of our organizations.
  • What’s Your Legacy? Implementing a Gift Planning Program: Lisa Chmiola: Want to launch a legacy giving program for your organization but don’t know where to begin? Is it the right time for this venture? In this session, you’ll learn the foundations needed to begin and grow a successful (planned giving) program for your organization.