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Moves Management: Turning Mid-Level into Major Donors

April 25, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. EST

 In the age of the mega gift and the Generosity Crisis, we’ve seen the trend of “dollars up, donors down.” Mid-level and larger donors are being ignored to make way for the small number of major donors that will make most of the gifts. This strategy may work for a number of years, but what does that mean for the pipeline? Or what happens if a handful of those major donors stop giving? Without focusing on mid-level donors and creating comprehensive moves management strategies, tomorrow is being sacrificed for today.

Join the Winkler Group principals, Jim Bush and Jessica Browning, as they walk through the current fundraising landscape and how to turn mid-level donors into your next major donor.

The webinar is hosted by Planet Philanthropy Partner The Winkler Group. Click here to register for this FREE webinar.



Jim Bush is a seasoned fundraising professional and nonprofit executive with over $100 million raised for capital campaigns over his career. A well-known speaker, Mr. Bush has presented at more than fifty national and international fundraising conferences; he has been named the top speaker at six international conferences. His articles on fundraising have been published in leading nonprofit journals. Mr. Bush will be joined by Winkler Group consultants who bring expertise in all aspects of fundraising and capital campaign management including case statement development, major gift strategies, planned giving, and staff/board training.

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