Diversity Statement

2019 – 2021 Board Resolution on Diversity

WHEREAS the mission of AFP is to enable people and organizations throughout the world to practice effective and ethical fundraising through education, training, mentoring, research, credentialing and advocacy; and,

WHEREAS AFP Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter is committed to encouraging its members and the nonprofit sector to better serve their respective communities and cultures; and,

WHEREAS AFP Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter's Diversity Committee exists to promote an Association that is more reflective of Greater San Fernando Valley County's diverse community; and,

WHEREAS AFP Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter defines diversity as recognizing but not limited to one's: race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical/developmental abilities, and economic circumstance,

WHEREAS AFP is committed to diversity as an overarching theme in its programs, activities, committees, and structure.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT AFP is committed to diversity as an ongoing proactive process in its governance, chapters, committees, membership, programs and activities.

Diversity Statement:

Inclusion makes our profession stronger. At AFP Greater San Fernando Valley, we have a multitude of professionals from diverse backgrounds who bring a richness of knowledge, expertise and experience to our profession.


Sharing ideas among those from diverse backgrounds fuel innovation and keeps us sharp. Diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of AFP Greater San Fernando Valley’s values that guides our governance, our organization and our programs.


In 2019, AFP Greater San Fernando Valley’s Board of Directors resolved to embrace diversity in principle and in action by adopting the Association of Fundraising Professional’s all-encompassing definition:


Diversity and Inclusion in Fundraising – seeks to achieve a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, and cultures to ensure that the best possible thinking, ideas, opportunities and solutions are considered; intentionally creates a respectful and welcoming environment that is open to all; and appreciates the unique contributions of every member of the community.


Through our programs, AFP Greater San Fernando Valley facilitates dialogue among many voices as we share observations and practices with our peers.


AFP Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter Scholarship Programs:

  • Diversity Scholarship
  • Chamberlain Scholarship
  • AFP Young Professional Membership
  • AFP Professional Membership


AFP: The Social Network for Young Fundraising Professionals

Young Professional: Open to persons who hold some degree of responsibility directly for fundraising, work within the U.S. and Canada and are compensated for their services, and are 30 years old or younger, must subscribe to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards and its bylaws and promote the Donor Bill of Rights and be employed, or have been employed by an organization that provides benefits to society. 26 years old or younger: $65.00 plus $30.00 chapter dues; 27 to 30 years old: $120.00 plus $55.00 chapter dues.