2020 Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter Committees

Our Chapter runs best with the collective experience of a wide range of diverse and dedicated volunteers who lend their unique ideas, expertise, and (most importantly) time to making our programs valuable and effective.  Whether you’re brand new and looking to increase your exposure to and experience in all aspects of fundraising and leadership, or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants to pay it forward and help us grow, consider volunteering on a committee today! 

Contact our Chapter at for more information or to volunteer to serve on a chapter committee

Be The Cause Campaign: (Chair: Ava Alexander)
Volunteers needed to solicit contributions from members and guests attending our chapter events Be The Cause campaign.  Be the Cause is AFP International’s annual fundraising campaign. This is a great opportunity for someone who’s looking for some entry-level face-to-face solicitation experience! 

Calendar/Education: (Chair: Adam Pilder; Nancy Ackerman, Cathy Galarneau; Anjalika Nigam)
Help our chapter find and recruit speakers and topics for our monthly luncheons! Think we need to cover new and different topics?  Have a Funder that you’d like to introduce for a Meet the Funder session? This is the opportunity to be part of making our Chapter the education powerhouse it can be! 

CFRE Credentials: (Chair: Jennifer Haake & Adam Pilder)
Are you interested in helping your fellow members plan for the CFRE exam? Whether you are in the process of studying or have already earned your CFRE, your participation in this committee helps others understand and prepare for the next level of their professional careers.

2021 Conference: (Co-Chairs: Kelly Logan & Vacant, Holly Rasey)
Help set the logistics and agenda for our Chapter’s annual Conference, as well as seek out potential speakers, sponsors, and attendees.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking to build experience in event and/or program planning. 

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access): (Chair: Nancy Ackerman; Shani Grafman, Marlene McGuirt, Jennifer Haake, Tarry Kang)
Our chapter is committed creating an inclusive, equitable, and accessible atmosphere for our members and guests, which includes having speakers and topics that address a variety of issues that affect many of us in our workplaces and in the course of doing our jobs.  We are seeking volunteers from diverse backgrounds and abilities to help us continually grow in this area. If you have ideas for IDEA, then we want you to be part of this committee!  

Membership: (Chair: Cathy Galarneau; Adam Pilder, Suren Seropian, Shani Grafman)
Help our chapter grow by joining the membership committee!  As part of this committee, you can share your ideas on how to reach out to potential new members and ensure our existing ones feel the benefit of their membership!  This is also an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to gain valuable experience with relationship cultivation and stewardship.

2020 National Philanthropy Day: (Co-Chairs: Kelly Logan & Angalika Nigam)
Calling all event planners! NPD is a wonderful opportunity for our community of fundraisers to recognize those who support our organizations’ missions in a big way.  Like with all events, a lot goes on behind the scenes to put this luncheon together. This is the perfect committee for you to join no matter where you are in your fundraising career, but it’s especially helpful for those who are interested in gaining fundraising event planning experience! 

Strategic Planning: (Chair: Adam Pilder)
Want to help develop the vision and set goals for our Chapter?  Now seeking strategic thinkers to lead the Strategic Planning Committee.  This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to take the next step in their careers in leadership roles.

Communications: (Chair: Adam Pilder)
Volunteers are welcome to join the communications committee, which manages content for our monthly newsletter and social media profiles.  This committee is also responsible for reviewing and recommending updates to the chapter website and volunteering when needed to help with registration and check in at chapter events with bigger turnouts. This is an excellent opportunity for members who want to hone their communication skills as part of their career development!