What is AFP?
The Association of Fundraising Professionals is the international professional association of those working in the fundraising profession. It is a trade association based on serving the various professional needs of its members.

How does AFP Serve its Members?
Through monthly programs, a newsletter, events such as Professional Advancement Day and National Philanthropy Day, Diversity programs. We also provide access to current research on trends and patterns in philanthropy through the national AFP website. We provide schlorships for some to attend the national conference. We also have a variety of committees working on issues revelant to the fundraising profession, such as ethics, government relations.

How do Chapter Members serve AFP and its Mission?
Through work on chapter committees, such as National Philanthhropy Day, Ethics, Government Realtions Marketing, and others we strive to enhance the profession of fundraising and advance the cause of philanthropy. As we work together, we learn, we network, we accomplish something significant for our profession of fundraising.

What is the purpose of the Greater Detroit Chapter of AFP?
To serve the needs of chapter members for information, networking, professional growth, issues/trends in philanthropy and opportunities to learn from or to teach those in the profession.

What are the Benefits of Membership in this Chapter?
A few of the more major benefits include: networking with other professionals, information, professional growth, this website, National Philanthropy Day, the CFRE certification process, access to the International Conference of AFP, availability of research through the National library of AFP.

How can I join AFP and the Detroit Chapter?
You have to join the AFP international organization and they will assign you to your local chapter. Visit their website, www.afpglobal.org, or call them at 800/666-3863.

How much are chapter dues for the AFP Greater Detroit Chapter?
Chapter dues are $50.

How many Members are currently in the Greater Detroit Chapter of AFP?
Currently about 360, but we have had as high as 400. We are currently trying to regain our "Metro IV" status by increasing our membership back up to 400.

Who are the Chapter Leaders?
Visit the Chapter Leadership page here.

Why does our Chapter have a program of Monthly Program events?
One key value of these programs is professional networking: the ability to get to know and talk with other professionals in the fundraising field. Secondly, is the value of education: learning something new at each meeting about how to raise funds effectively, new trends in philanthropy, or new aspects of fundraising methods and techniques.

What is "NPD?" --- National Philanthropy Day
National Philanthropy Day is this chapter's biggest event of the year. It celebrates those who give, and those who volunteer. It is an opportunity for individual nonprofits to honor their key donors and volunteers. We also, as a chapter, give awards to persons or organizations who have performed their roles as donors or volunteers in exemplary ways.

Why does the Chapter have an Emphasis on Diversity?
Because the more different kinds of people we have, from more varied backgrounds and traditions of philanthropy, the richer our learning and application process becomes. We need everyone's ideas, all the insight we can get, to be good fundraisers. We celebrate and need many, diverse people to make the profession truly effective in today's pluralistic society

What is the Be the Cause Campaign all about?
The Be the Cause Campaign is held each year to solicit gifts from our chapter members to benefit the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy. This foundation is responsible for the enhancement of many facets of fundraising life. It supports the diversity emphasis, it provides scholarships for the International Conference, it supports local chapter National Philanthropy Day award presentations, it supports seminal research into fundraising trends. For most of us, it is a way to give back to our profession, in return for all that we have derived over the years from being an AFP member, nationally and locally. Approximately 25% of dollars given to the Be the Cause Campaign are returned to the chapter to help underwrite our local programs that benefit our members.