2023 Outstanding Foundation Award

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Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Outstanding Foundation Award

Nominated by Forgotten Harvest
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The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan stands as a beacon of philanthropy, dedicated to uplifting the lives of countless individuals and communities throughout the Southeast Michigan region. In recognition of its exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment to fostering positive change, the Foundation has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Outstanding Foundation Award.
Since its inception, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has served as a catalyst for transformative change. Through its diverse grant making programs, special initiatives, and Donor Advised Funds, the Foundation has provided critical support to a myriad of nonprofit organizations, leaving an indelible mark on the region's social landscape.
A shining testament to the Foundation's impact is its enduring partnership with Forgotten Harvest. The journey began in 2001 when the Community Foundation extended a helping hand with an initial grant. This marked the genesis of a collaborative effort that would shape the future of Forgotten Harvest and, by extension, the lives of countless individuals.
Over the years, the Community Foundation's support has been instrumental in realizing numerous projects and initiatives at Forgotten Harvest. From launching the groundbreaking grocery rescue program to expanding the mobile pantry services and establishing the innovative youth rescuers program, the Foundation's unwavering commitment has been a catalyst for growth and innovation.
In times of crisis, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has consistently stepped up to the plate. The Foundation played a pivotal role in supporting COVID-19 emergency response efforts, reflecting its commitment to community well-being during challenging times.
The Foundation's grant making programs extend far beyond a single organization. They encompass a wide spectrum of essential health and human services, youth, entrepreneurs and small business, justice, public spaces and cultural programs that touch the lives of all residents throughout Southeast Michigan. This diverse portfolio of initiatives reflects the Foundation's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for community members.
Forgotten Harvest, an organization on a mission to combat hunger in metro Detroit, stands as a shining example of the Community Foundation's impact. Through its support, the Foundation has empowered Forgotten Harvest to expand its capacity, rescuing and distributing an astounding 42 million pounds of nutritious fresh food annually. This sustenance reaches the hearts and homes of food-insecure families, children, and seniors in metro Detroit.
The partnership between Forgotten Harvest and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is marked by gratitude and shared purpose. Forgotten Harvest remains profoundly thankful for the Foundation's unwavering commitment, which has propelled its mission forward and transformed it into a beacon of hope for countless individuals facing hunger.
In bestowing the 2023 Outstanding Foundation Award upon the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, we celebrate an organization that exemplifies the transformative power of philanthropy. Their legacy of support, innovation, and unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that, together, we can build stronger, more vibrant communities.