2023 Neal Shine Award for Media Commitment to Philanthropy

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Marie Osborne, Senior News Analyst, WJR-AM760

Neal Shine Award for Media Commitment

Nominated by Schoolcraft College
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Marie Osborne's life and career embody a profound commitment to philanthropy, a dedication that makes her a worthy recipient for the 2023 Neil Shine Award for Media Commitment to Philanthropy. Neil Shine's influence as one of Marie's mentors shines through in her tireless efforts to give back to her community throughout her illustrious career.
The journey of Marie Osborne's philanthropic contributions began when she volunteered to help the Light House of Oakland County with its Thanksgiving Food Drive.  That first volunteer opportunity blossomed into a more than 30-year relationship that culminated with her serving on the Lighthouse Board of Directors. Her exemplary leadership played a pivotal role in the successful merger of Lighthouse with the South Oakland Shelter resulting in the formation of Lighthouse MI. Marie's guidance and wisdom were instrumental in this transformational process.  For several decades, her organizational efforts and media contacts, insured thousands of low-income families and seniors were insured a Thanksgiving meal.
Marie Osborne's personal qualities, including her engaging nature, supportiveness, open-mindedness, preparedness, and passion for the mission, have endeared her to those who have had the privilege of working with her. Throughout her tenure as a Board member of Lighthouse and beyond, Marie consistently sought opportunities to shed light on their critical work, leveraging her media expertise to tell their story.
Beyond her boardroom and media roles, Marie's philanthropic endeavors extended into the heart of her community.
Yet, Marie's dedication goes even further. Inspired by a personal tragedy when her son passed away in 2017, she and her family established the John T. Osborne Plaid Pig Scholarship at Schoolcraft College in his memory. This scholarship supports promising culinary students, helping them find their passion just as John did while a student at Schoolcraft and beyond. The scholarship's name pays homage to John's trademark plaid shirt and his culinary "medium," pork.
Marie's commitment to nurturing young talent extended to leading the Night of Swine Dining fundraiser for the Detroit Food Academy. This event, in collaboration with seven Detroit area Chefs, raised funds to introduce Detroit Public Schools students to the culinary world, providing them with invaluable opportunities for growth.
Marie Osborne's philanthropic reach extends far and wide, not only through her emcee roles for numerous local non-profits but also through her ability to connect organizations with her media network for mutual benefit. Her generous spirit, authenticity, and genuine love for her community have left an indelible mark on the lives of thousands, often bridging the gap between poverty and economic sustainability.
As member of the fund-raising committee for the University of Detroit Mercy's Center for Communication Studies, Marie's devotion and attention to detail have been instrumental in raising funds to revamp the Communication Studies Center. Her network and knowledge of Detroit's media landscape have connected the committee with potential donors and sponsors, ensuring the success of this crucial educational endeavor.
Marie's work within the Communications Studies program at Detroit Mercy touches every undergraduate student, guaranteeing that they become clear communicators and discerning listeners and readers in today's information-rich world.
In nominating Marie Osborne for the Neil Shine Media Commitment to Philanthropy Award, we celebrate a dedicated media professional whose contributions have enriched countless lives and furthered the causes of numerous non-profit organizations. Her work mirrors the values and legacy of her mentor, Neil Shine, making her a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious award. Marie Osborne is not only a respected news anchor/reporter but also an exceptional philanthropist who has made an indelible impact on her community, embodying the spirit of giving that this award honors.