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(This is information from a webinar from the Winkler Group, we are sharing it with their permission)

Dear Friends:
Thank you for joining the Winkler Group's A Plan to Fundraise Through the Next Three Months webinar this morning. We strongly believe that the actions you take in the coming weeks will determine your organization's next three years. 

Three immediate action items your organization can implement:

  1. Draft your 90-day recovery fundraising plan. Include key staff, volunteer leadership, and an outside perspective to develop a plan that is a fit for your organization. Be nimble and start now!
  2. Treat your donors as investors. Donor retention is a number one priority now more than ever. Be sure to develop a list of 25 top donors for key people in your organization to call.
  3. Create micro-appeals that are relevant, address your mission's impact, and tell the story of how you are serving your community right now. 

Your constituents and community need you more than ever.  

  • Today's webinar recording can be found HERE. 
  • The whitepaper of Developing a Plan to Fundraise can be found HERE.
  • Last week's whitepaper on Lessons we Learned from the 2008 can be found HERE
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We are here to help. To schedule a short strategy session with a member of our team or ask a follow-up question, please reply to this email and we will reach out to you right away.

The Winkler Group Team

Sarah Evans Sprinkle

Client Development Manager and Senior Consultant

Winkler Group
1036 eWall Street
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

843.849.6256 (p) | 864.314.9772 (c) | 877.349.6256 (toll free) 

-From Phoenicia Miracle:

Individual Charitable Giving Limit Increased from 60% to 100% for 2020...And More Nonprofit Help

How are you?
I would be remiss to send a blog while we're mostly working-at-home and not ask, How are you?  We're not where we planned to be (Charleston), but we are (very) well (Savannah). 

I'm encouraging, strategizing, and answering "Should I...?" for non-profit clients and friends. (Watch your email - I plan to host a free Zoom session so we can all answer each other!)

This is Not the Recession...But...
In 2008, I was a front line fundraiser faced with a far different fiscal crisis. Here's what's the same: Nonprofits are working to maintain the mission you love and the outcomes you support.

My goal in today's blog is simple: I want to encourage you to segment, target, and communicate that CARES provides a reason to consider giving.

By now, you've heard about The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (or the CARES stimulus bill).

Have you wondered, "What's in It for My Donor?" or "What's in It for My Non-Profit?"

Easy-to-Understand Language for the Individual Donor

For Major Donors - CARES lifts the existing cap on annual contributions for those who itemize, raising it from 60% of adjusted gross income to 100%!
- Any excess contributions can be carried over for five years!
For Non-Itemizers - CARES includes a temporary, non-itemizer charitable deduction up to $300. In other words, you can deduct up to $300 over your standard charitable deduction for gifts made in 2020!

What's in It for the Corporate Donor?
- For corporations, the bill raises the annual limit from 10% to 25%!
- This is huge for companies who want to (1) build  capacity at this critical time,
(2) publicly benefit from the halo effect of giving when the need is greatest, and
(3) build morale among employees by supporting causes team members value.

What's In it for My Non-Profit?
It Depends. Answer These Questions to Help Your Leaders and Board of Directors Decide What Works Best for Your Nonprofit Organization:
Want a “Forgivable” Loan up to $10MM?

- CARES offers up to $10 million at 3.75% to cover operations, payroll (including health insurance), and debt service for nonprofits with fewer than 500 full-time employees.
- No personal guarantee is required. (This will be a huge plus for the board!)
- Keep current employees working through June 30th, and you could have your loan forgiven!

How to Apply:
Click here to find your state's Small Business Association which will administer this loan.
Don’t Want a Loan? What about a Payroll Tax Credit?
 - Is your organization's revenue down 50% over Q1/19? Consider the $5000 Per-Employee Tax Credit, available quarterly until revenues exceed 80% of the same quarter in 2019.
What About My House of Worship or Nonprofit with Fewer than 4 Employees?
- The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program extends unemployment insurance benefits to “self-employed” workers of churches, religious nonprofits, and small charitable nonprofits who are out of work due to COVID-19.

How to Apply:
Click here to find your state's unemployment office, which will administer this program.
Credits: Information for this blog was compiled from the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Independent School Management, and Forbes, linked here.
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From CapDev

 Informative Podcasts -

Head | 
Words of Wisdom

·     A Letter from the President of CapDev is published here, sharing experienced advice and resources for managing through this crisis

·     Advice from Clients:

·     UNC School of the Arts shares great tips you can use on how its advancement team is staying virtually connected with trademark creativity

·     Transitions LifeCare shares a smart way of connecting with donors that everyone can and should do now

·     Advice from a Leader: "Plan for the future but execute daily. [Take this] one day at a time, but have contingency plans." - Smedes York, Raleigh NC

·     Philanthropic Heroes: We are hearing heartwarming stories of great generosity at this time! Please share your good news stories with us too.


Hands | Toolkit of Nonprofit Resources

·     Statewide associations: NC Center for Nonprofits and TogetherSC have made resources pages available that are full of helpful tools and information

·     Trade associations such as Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) are sharing resources online and hosting virtual conversations with members

·     Additional resource sites for nonprofits include:

·     The Chronicle of Philanthropy

·     Bloomerang

·     Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

·     AFP Global

·     BoardSource Q&A

·     CapDev Check-Up Clinic: constantly updated with curated resources, advice and tools you can use to manage through this pandemic

·     Professional Development: use your time to take an online course for 25% off with code WFH25

·     Trends: keep on top of giving trends with Candid

·     Keep in touch with donors & leaders:

·     send emails (good advice on what to send from Classy)

·     remember DAFs can serve you well (from The Chronicle on Philanthropy)

·     engage your board (great advice from BoardSource)


Heart | Staying Healthy

Ideas and resources to keep you motivated and efficient working from home:

·     Join the Facebook group, Nonprofit Happy Hour

·     Care for your coronavirus anxiety, a website created by Shine

·     Send a fun gift that supports nonprofits

·     Take Yale's most popular online course for free

·     Find a binge-worthy movie (from Rotten Tomatoes)

·     Support independent booksellers by purchasing a new book

·     Start a new fitness routine (DownDog app is free this month)

We Are Here For You!

We are not all standing around together like this right now, but we do stand ready to help, and send you all our best.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to get in touch - we are only an email, call, Facebook or LinkedIn message, or zoom away!

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