Celebrating our Tenured Members

Thank you and congratulations to our tenured chapter members!

Member for 30+ Years
Lisa A. Greene, CFRE
Jayne C. McQueen

Members for 25+ Years
Judy B. Bynum

Members for 20+ Years
Mary Harris Edwards, CFRE
Jamie Inman, CFRE
Paula Jakubchak
Elliot M. Smith 

Members for 15+ Years
Dianne Dillon, CFRE
Kimberly D. Hutzell
Amanda M. Osborne, CFRE
Heidi Owen
Missy Ryan Penland, CFRE
R. Todd Stephens, CFRE

Members for 10+ Years
Stephanie M. Cain
Jamie W. Emory
Misty Farmer
Paul H. Grier
Barbara Martin, CFRE
Patti H. McAbee
Francis G. Schodowski, CFRE
Susan Spires, CFRE
Paige Stephenson
Patsy O. Whitney

Members for 5+ Years
Cynthia C. Beacham
Dania Beck, CFRE
Joy A. Blue, CFRE
Catriona Carlisle
Kelly U. Cloyd
Scott T. Dishman, CFRE
Cayce S. French, CFRE
Bethany Grogan
Lisa A. Hemond, CFRE
Coby Hennecy, CFRE
Mary Hipp
Steve Martin
Amanda C. Newman
Amanda K. Richardson, CFRE
Elena P. Rush
Lauren Scoggins, CFRE
Marianne Shaddrix
Bibby Sierra
Jocelyn T. Slaughter, CFRE
Ryan J. Thackray, CFRE
Gina D. Turcotte, CFRE