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Once your child’s first teeth begin to poke through it is already time to start considering how to keep that beautiful smile healthy. Of course baby teeth never hang around too long (Baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth by the age of six or seven), never the less it is crucial to upkeep those first teeth and more importantly, the gums, in a pristine conditions while they are saving the space for the adult teeth.

How can you make certain those pearly whites keep pearly? First off, show your child to brush twice a day minimum. The next step is to book their first dentist appointment if you have not already.

Here is what it helps to know before your toddlers first dental appointment:

When to visit the dentist

Most every expert recommends that you book your child’s first dentist appointment around the time their first tooth appears or by the time they reach the age of two.

How to choose a dental professional for your toddler

Most parents will just bring their child to the dentist they already use. This is usually a good choice, especially if that dentist already has the experience to work with young children. Another consideration is to find a paediatric dentist – a professional who has the additional training to care for a child’s oral health. Another bonus of choosing a paediatric dentist is that they will be prepared to work with a squirming and crying child in the dentist chair. As well as a waiting room topped off with books and toys to keep the child happily distracted.

What to expect at your toddlers checkup

You can expect the first visit to be informal and short. It will be more of a meet and get to know each other appointment. Depending on your child’s reception, you may be required to hold your child while the dentist works on their check up. Another tactic is for the parent to wait in another room so the patient and dentist can form a relationship alone.

As for the actual check up, the dentist will check the childs teeth and gums and bite. There may be a cleaning if necessary but that might be saved for the next appointment. The dentist will talk to you, the parent, about good habits and answer any questions you have about toddlers teeth. Thumb sucking, baby teeth friendly foods, brushing habits etc. Make sure you bring a list of questions you may have.

How to make the visit easier for your child

Before you make assumptions that your child will throw a tantrum and before you resort to bribery, consider that your toddler does not actually have any ill will for your dentist – yet. You may find that your child could actually have fun at the dentists office. Keep your personal negative feelings about the dentist to yourself and maintain a positive enthusiasm.

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