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Residents coming from a hospital setting will find all our resources geared to speeding their transition to home. To help residents regain independence, our therapist-to-resident ratio is among the highest in health care facilities. Daily therapy programs, designed in concert with a resident's physician, are tailored to continual progress.

Inside our state-of-the-art rehab "gym", our interdisciplinary team of registered physical, occupational and speech therapists pool their talents and expertise.

Each resident's care is planned to make the most of each day.

Speech Therapy

With an emphasis on geriatric treatment, speech therapy remedies language and speech deficits caused by stroke, trauma or other chronic conditions. Therapy covers the full range of needs from comprehension, word recall, expression, reading and writing, to reasoning, orientation and memory strengthening. Nursing and dietary staffs team with therapists to assist patients with re-learning swallowing and feeding skills.

Respiratory Therapy Services hospital transition rooms are specially equipped to provide treatment that, in years past, may have kept a patient hospitalized.

Respiratory care such as high-flow oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care, pulmonary hygiene, chest physical therapy, breathing retention, and aerosol therapy are offered under the supervision of respiratory therapists. Other specialized services include intravenous therapy, alternative feeding (such as gastrostomy and jejunostomy tubing), TPN (total parenteral nutrition), wound care, and in-house dialysis.

Occupational Therapy

Promoting independence in daily living, occupational therapy teaches residents the skills they'll need each day at home. Home management and self-care programs take into account each resident's specialized health care issues.

Valuable day-to-day skills such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting and transfer techniques are re-taught with the aid of an experienced occupational therapist.

Physical Therapy

Regaining gross motor skills is key to functioning at the highest possible level. Our traditional physical therapy programs encompass aid with assisting devices such as walkers and canes, balance, gait and endurance training, and therapeutic exercises. Specialized treatment programs include hip/knee orthopedic, cardiac rehabilitation, stroke, and pain management.