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Can an Article Writing Guide Do You Any Harm? Learn about This


You can easily find an article writing guide on the Internet for example on the "proofreading service" website. However, is it always that you can use this article writing guide with no harm for your article? Of course, it is not. Every article writing guide is developed for a special type of article.


This being the reason, it is not always applicable to the article that you have to write. Never use the article writing guide if you are not sure that it corresponds to the requirements of your article writing!


Which article writing guide to choose?

The Internet may offer you a number of article writing guides. You understand that not all these guides can be trusted to. Even if you choose the article writing guide that will seem the most appropriate to you, your mistake may cost you a grade. So, be careful. Before using the article writing guide you have found on the, check the following:


Its correspondence to your format requirements. Check whether structure requirements are met and whether the headings or subheadings are written according to your requirements.

The type of article which this particular article writing guide has been compiled for. The most important thing to check here is the language. Depending on the article type, the article writing guide may be written in a specific language (for instance, contractions or conversational style may be allowed to use).

The reliability of the source which this article writing guide comes from. Check whether the article writing guide has been written by a reliable institution (a college or a university).

There is one more great recommendation for you: ask your instructor whether he/she is able to provide you with an article writing guide. If not, then, of course, you will have to search for one by yourself.

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