IDEA Fellows Bios

Meet our 2024 IDEA Fellows


Andrea Tsang 
Special Events Manager, Pathways Home Health and Hospice

As a Bay Area native and lifelong community volunteer, Andrea is committed to advancing vitally needed programs and services across Silicon Valley. She developed her interests in resource access and social advocacy during college at UC Santa Cruz, which evolved into a career dedicated to sustainable and equitable development.

Before joining Pathways as the special events manager, she worked in communications and development at local nonprofits Housing Choices Coalition for People with Developmental Disabilities and Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, as well as volunteer and events management with the American Cancer Society.

Outside of work, Andrea volunteers with the Community Services Agency Young Professionals (CSAYP) and other small organizations around the South Bay Area. She also loves hanging out with her pets (chihuahua and two geckos), taking dance classes, and making crafts for family and friends!

Jeremiah Lineberger
Development Associate, African American Community Service Agency

Jeremiah Lineberger, a 22-year-old from Chino Hills, California, stands as the youngest among four brothers. A nonprofit professional, notes, his life has been enriched by a nurturing upbringing, guided by phenomenal parents who've remained unwavering pillars of support throughout his journey. Having recently graduated with pride from San Jose State University in Spring 2023, Jeremiah holds a B.A. in communication studies.

Fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he currently embarks on a master's program in mass communication, spurred by a profound passion for effective communication within our dynamic, ever-evolving world. However, Jeremiah's pursuits extend beyond the academic realm. His heart resonates deeply with the African American Community Service Agency in San Jose, where he actively engages in serving the younger generation as a committed community leader serving on the AACSA signature programs Juneteenth and MLK. He participated and was a lead for the AACSA COVID-19 team in partnership with the county of Santa Clara. He has been able to impact over 25,000 individuals and families in the third largest county in California. He fervently believes in the transformative power of community engagement and strives to leave a positive mark through dedicated service.

Recently, Jeremiah was awarded the PRSA of Silicon Valley 2023 Young Professional of the Year Award. He was personally congratulated by Beyonce's PR Yvette Noel-Schure on his current and future successes Jeremiah approaches the future with unparalleled energetic optimism and eager anticipation, buoyed by gratitude for the robust foundation laid by his family, education, and unwavering dedication to community service. He embraces forthcoming opportunities with enthusiasm, poised to make a meaningful impact in his pursuits.

Elizabeth Wells
Executive Director, Foundation for a College Education

As the executive director at Foundation for a College Education, I lead a team of dedicated staff in providing educational resources to first-generation, financially disadvantaged youth. Our mission is to increase the college graduation rate of underrepresented students. When I first learned about the mission of FCE, I knew instantly that I had to be part of this effort.

As the ninth of nine children, and a first-generation, low-income Black student from the westside of Fresno, I immediately felt a connection to FCE’s mission. I could have been an FCE student. Although I did not have the benefit of an FCE, I did have a strong community who supported me and gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. With the confidence of my support system back home, and with lots of scholarships and financial aid, I completed my degrees at UC Berkeley and the Georgetown University Law Center.

As an attorney, I had a demonstrated history of improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged youth. I developed expertise in education law and foster youth policy initiatives that level the playing field for at-risk youth. I have a track record in project development and management, evaluating systems, and streamlining procedures and processes with the end goal of improving outcomes. 

Jocelyn Ramirez
Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Kidango, Inc.

Jocelyn Ramirez, a dedicated and bilingual professional with a diverse background in anthropology and education, graduated from the University of California Riverside in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jocelyn’s professional career has been deeply intertwined with Kidango, Inc., where she currently serves as an outreach and engagement specialist, focusing on fostering meaningful connections within Kidango, external organizations, and communities. Jocelyn is recognized for her expertise in coordinating events, supporting contract processes, and engaging diverse stakeholders to drive community involvement and promote the organization's mission.

Previously, Jocelyn held the role of marketing specialist at Kidango, overseeing forward-facing digital communications and ensuring the consistent use of Kidango's branding across various materials. Her responsibilities also extended to website maintenance, translation of marketing materials, and coordination of internal and external events.

Jocelyn continues to seek opportunities to leverage her marketing expertise, community engagement skills, and bilingual capabilities to contribute to impactful projects and initiatives.

Kevon Turner
Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF)

Kevon Turner is the corporate partnerships manager at Silicon Valley Education Foundation. Fueled by the power of advocacy and partnerships, Kevon endeavors to ensure that SVEF is the bridge between the vibrant Silicon Valley community and the companies that breathe life into it. Passionate about social impact and changemaking, Kevon prioritizes relationships with key community allies in his work to uplift the underserved students who call the Bay Area their home.

Kevon got his professional start forging partnerships and alliances for the Infectious Diseases Society of America during the height of the pandemic. He then deepened his experience of launching products and enhancing brands by leading the business development and licensing efforts for Devsisters Corp., a Seoul-based gaming studio and publisher.

Kevon earned his Bachelor of Arts in communication at Villanova University, where he participated in the Honors Program and volunteered as a domestic violence counselor in his spare time. After receiving Fulbright distinction, he spent two years in Finland where he earned his master's degree in global and transnational sociology from Tampere University. His love of learning persists to this day, as he ingrains himself deeply into advocacy, volunteerism, and education policy in lockstep with SVEF.

Elaine Johnson
Executive Director, Housing Santa Cruz County

Elaine Johnson is from the Bronx in New York City. From an early age, community, collaboration, and making a difference in her community led her to do the work that she does. She spent many years mentoring students to reach for their highest potential regardless of any barriers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a juris doctorate from Monterey College of Law and is a certified mediator. Elaine has trained and worked in the fields of juvenile dependency, community and divorce mediation, criminal law, and nonprofits, and she has extensive experience working in restorative justice, fundraising, community outreach and engagement, and community collaboration. One of Elaine’s biggest achievements was founding the Santa Cruz County Neighborhood Courts Program, a community driven, pre-filing diversion program designed to divert low-level misdemeanor offenses from entering the criminal justice system.

Elaine is now the executive director of Housing Santa Cruz County, a nonprofit organization that advocates for affordable housing. She is passionate about advocating for affordable housing, creating positive change in this community, wanting the playing field to be leveled for everyone to have a seat at the table, and for there to be no limits regardless of race or background. Elaine believes there is nothing one cannot do if they are given the space, time, and support (financial and emotional) to do it.

Elaine currently serves on several local boards, including Your Future Is Our Business, Women Lawyers of Santa Cruz County, Monarch Services/Servicios Monarca, Encompass Community Services, and serves as a Commissioner for the Juvenile Justice, Delinquency Prevention Commission.

When Elaine isn’t doing community work, she enjoys singing, dancing and spending time with her wife, Shinehah. They live in Santa Cruz CA.

Lisa Dinh
Senior Development Associate, The Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Lisa Dinh is a detailed, mission-oriented thinker who currently works in client prospecting and relationships at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the world’s largest community foundation handling over $16 billion dollars in assets. From sourcing viable partnerships to producing quantitative and qualitative assessments through deep work and research, Lisa takes pride in producing work that is culturally competent, done well, and rare.

What makes Lisa unique is her scientific background in anthropology, biology, and neuroscience, combined with her training in design-thinking. This forms her creative and rigorous perspective on philanthropic strategy and social responsibility. This lens enables Lisa to help organizations creatively work with communities for social impact.

Professionally, Lisa loves to engage her skill sets: a combination of creativity in strategic grant making, design to data, and inclusion to development. This is complemented by her personal skill set: a love for community and learning.

Personally, she is an immigrant from Vietnam, the youngest in a family of eight, an auntie to 14 kids, and has lived internationally and on the East and West Coasts of America. For these reasons, community is at the heart of everything she does.

Carly Beard (She/They)
Advancement Manager, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

As a late diagnosed AuDHDer, Carly is dedicated to creating more accessible and inclusive outdoor spaces and programs. After re-introducing themself to the habit of using public parks during the height of the pandemic, they realized just how important these spaces are for public health and overall wellness. 

When making the decision to move to San José, Carly hoped to carve out a path to best connect them with their new community. Luckily it led them to the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy (GRPC), whose mission is to provide community leadership for the development and active use of the park. In their role, Carly works to diversify funding sources of the conservancy to support the continuation of the educational programs and events to support this natural resource.

Before joining the GRPC, Carly worked for a decade as a marketing professional and data analyst in the lending services industry. Carly was also a long-term volunteer and former Chair for the Turlock Relay for Life, a 24-hour fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Outside of work, Carly enjoys roller skating at the skate park with friends (especially the full pipe at Lake Cunningham Action Sports Park), pulling up weeds in their garden, film photography, crocheting, and tackling complicated puzzles with their partner and cat.

Carlos Eduardo Prieto De-Leon
Major Gifts Officer, Greenpeace USA

My name is Carlos Prieto De-Leon, I use He/Him/El pronouns and am blessed to be nestled between the pristineness of the Pacific Ocean and the majesty of Redwood forests on Ohlone Land in Santa Cruz County.

I was born in a small pueblo of Zacatecas, Mexico surrounded by rolling hills and oak trees. Growing up as a first-generation Mexican immigrant has shaped my life’s purpose of leaving this planet better for future generations. Currently as a major gifts officer, I manage a portfolio of 50-100 major donors throughout the West-Coast culminating in over a million dollars in annual revenue for the organization. My work as a fundraiser has allowed me to dream of the unimaginable, spark change where hope is lost, and envision a future filled with justice.

When I’m not working, my soul is recharged through cooking, hiking the great outdoors with my wife, reading, or simply listening to music with a good cup of coffee in hand. Wherever I am, you'll also find my three-year-old Labradoodle smiling by my side. I'm excited to connect soon, and learn more about you!

Justyne Schnupp
Associate Development DIrector, Green Foothills

As the associate development director, Justyne leads the growth and stewardship of the Green Foothills donor community. Previously as the community engagement manager (2015-2021), Justyne developed strong relationships with supporters through compelling events, including the annual fundraiser Nature’s Inspiration. Now she has taken those skills to the next level via the management of the organization’s development efforts.

Justyne chose Green Foothills because “our local environment needs a voice to speak for it and its protection.” Justyne earned her B.A. in psychology with a minor in business administration from the University of San Francisco. Her work at Green Foothills has made her an environmentalist and hiking enthusiast who wants to explore all our local and national parks. This mother of three places great importance on family time, the outdoors, and the future of our planet.