Job Posting Instructions

Important Message about Promoting Gender and Racial Pay Equity

Our Chapter is aligned with AFP Global's commitment to gender and racial pay equity, AFP is now requiring salary ranges for all positions posted on the AFP Global Job Board. See below for additional details: 

We understand this might be a significant change for some organizations, but all of us at AFP strongly believe this is an important shift in increasing equity, inclusion and fairness in the fundraising profession.

Here are the some of the reasons we are making this change.

First, not including the salary range in a job posting reinforces the salary gaps we see in the fundraising profession and in all of society based on gender, race and other factors. Studies show that women and people of color often have huge disadvantages during salary negotiations. Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession.

Second, there is research which shows that jobs with salary ranges get 30% more attention. In addition, salary ranges set expectations from the beginning and ensure there is no surprise about salaries and that neither party is wasting their time on a candidate or a position that doesn’t meet their financial or budgetary needs.

Finally, this change is all about encouraging transparency. We demand transparency in the relationship between our donors and our organizations, and transparency is a key principle in the AFP Code of Ethical Standards. We should expect no less from our organizations when hiring a fundraiser (or any other position).

If you have questions about setting ranges for various jobs, you can consult the annual AFP Compensation and Benefits Report to see the general range of salaries for a variety of fundraising positions.

AFP, the fundraising profession and many other sectors of society are focusing on equity, and this change is the next logical and much needed step. I hope you’ll join us as leaders in the inclusion, diversity, equity and access space.

If you have any questions, please contact Chacolby Burns-Johnson, AFP-CA President at or Chris Amos, Senior Director, Business Development at AFP Global, at


To send positions for posting that meet this requirement, send in a Word Document to include link to position/organization, salary range, deadline to apply, requirements, etc. to