Keynote Speakers

Monday, June 12, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lynne Wester

Generosity and Gratitude, a Global Perspective

Travel allows you to reframe your outlook on so many things, you always come back changed. Join Lynne Wester for this inspiring keynote about the universal themes of Generosity and Gratitude. Instead of looking at these topics from a United States centric lens, we will venture to examine them in a worldview and see what we can apply to our work to build inclusivity and a more global perspective. How do different cultures, religions and worldviews view generosity and experience gratitude? As the world gets flatter, we have the opportunity to absorb and learn every step of the journey.


Tuesday, June 13, 9:45 – 11:00 AM

Karen Osborne

Strategic Thinking – A Superpower That Increases Your Effectiveness and Advances Your Career

Do you want to make a greater contribution to your organization? Be ready for the next challenge? Have an enhanced ability to set priorities, organize, influence, and problem-solve? Reduce your on-the-job stress? Yes?! Then this session is for you. 

The ability to think and act strategically is essential to every position in fund development or institutional advancement. When you’re skilled at anticipating, forecasting, and capitalizing on opportunities, you shine as a leader (no matter where you sit on the org chart), you become more vital to your organization, get noticed, increase your ability to navigate change, and perform at your highest and best level. 

Join us for an engaging, interactive session on how to master or burnish your skills as a strategic thinker. Walk away with concrete learnings and steps you can put into action immediately and the inspiration to act.


Tuesday, June 13, 3:00 – 4:15 PM

Harris Rosen

Fireside chat with Philanthropist, Mr. Harris Rosen

A father, visionary leader, successful businessman, and generous philanthropist, Mr. Harris Rosen believes that ‘giving back to others is the best investment’ that can be made. Recognizing and supporting their team members, creating opportunities for young children and fostering education programs are just a few of his passions. Learn more about what motivates Mr. Rosen to give back, how stewardship plays a role in his continued giving, and the advice he would offer.


Wednesday, June 14, 12:30 – 1:45 PM

Taylor Shanklin

Kindness Camp - A Path to Greater Good

How leading with kindness for yourself and your team will guide you to the results you desire.

Taylor is a TEDx speaker, podcast host + producer, and marketing innovator in the social impact sector. She speaks regularly at global conferences such as AFP ICON and The Nonprofit Technology Conference, and she has helped hundreds of organizations tell their brand story in digital channels. Taylor is the founder and CEO of Barlele, a brand and growth strategy firm that helps businesses and organizations grow through clear storytelling and strategic growth coaching.